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Dating Again On The Fernando & Greg Side Show Podcast

Side Show Podcast | 11/02/2011


Contains EXPLICIT Material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

Greg is going on a date, and fav drag queen Heklina dishes the gossip on her celebrity friend.

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One Comment

  1. Sarian says:

    Guys, great show.

    Heklina, please stop with the crass body noises. It’s gross. Save it for the paying customers who come to TS to see your shows. You don’t want to be know as the Burping and Belching drag queen that comes on the Wed podcasts. You want to be known as the professional drag queen, Heklina.

    Also, it’s disrespectful to F&G and the listeners who want to enjoy the show and not be turned off by your belches and burps. You don’t want to make F&G lose listeners, right? So please turn away from the mike, drink some water, or cover your mouth if you need to make body noises. I’ve look forward to listening to you on Wednesdays, but it is starting to be kinda gross knowing at some point during the podcast your going to be making some noise and not the good kind either. Besides you never know who is going to listen to the podcasts who might be able to move you to the next level in your career so do you want them to remember you as the gross burper and belcher or someone professional enough to be on live radio or television? You are still trying to get on Alice aren’t you? So being the lady that you are, keep it dirty, keep raunchy, but keep the body noise to nothing.The listeners would really appreciate it.

    Lastly, junk or no junk, you got dissed big time by Tommy Lee and after you help him out too. You should drop kick him big time. Just walk away, Dude, just walk away.

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