Kanye West Stops Concert To Yell At Lighting Man

So Kanye West is no stranger to outbursts, speaking his mind, not having a filter.. .whatever you want to call it. But on stage, during a concert, in the middle of his song “All Of The Lights” he wouldn’t stop his performance just to yell at the venue’s Lighting operator would he?
Watch the video….

WARNING. Live Performance. Some of the content may not be suitable for all viewers.


One Comment

  1. Watched The Throne 5/5 says:

    They had the same problems with this in Greensboro, NC too, the only difference was he asked them one time to restart the song and do it right.. they complied.

    Its either part of the concert or they’re simply having time management issues setting up the equipment in time. The crews were 2hrs late setting up the equipment thus causing the performance time to be pushed back 2hrs. -at least that what we were told.

  2. vimo says:

    its part of the show…..

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