The 11 Most Unemployable Majors

When picking a major in college, most people pick what they are interested in, but some choose what will bring in the most money when they find a job.  Data obtained by the Wall Street Journal shows the top 11 majors with the highest unemployment. Keep reading to find out what majors you shouldn’t be picking…

Here are majors number 11 through 6 that rake in the least amount of money and have the highest unemployment rates:

11. Computer Administration Management & Security
Unemployment percent: 9.5%
Median income: $52,000

10. Linguistics & Comparative Literature
Unemployment percent: 10.2%
Median income: $44,000

9. Miscellaneous Psychology
Unemployment percent: 10.3%
Median income: $45,000

8. Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Unemployment percent: 10.4%
Median income: $62,000

7. Architecture
Unemployment percent: 10.6%
Median income: $60,000

6. Military Technology
Unemployment percent: 10.9%
Median income: $86,000

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5. Educational Psychology
Unemployment percent: 10.9%
Median income: $35,000

4. Library Science
Unemployment percent: 15.0%
Median income: $36,000

3. U.S. History
Unemployment percent: 15.1%
Median income: $50,000

2.Miscellaneous Fine Arts
Unemployment percent: 16.2%
Median income: $40,000

1. Clinical Psychology
Unemployment percent: 19.5%
Median income: $40,000


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