VIDEO: Katy Perry Pregnant Soon???

Remember when Katy Perry showed up at the European Music Awards and we all thought she was hiding a baby bump?! Well she hasn’t confirmed or denied being pregnant, but more rumors are swirling because yesterday the singer went on Ellen to talk about her plans for babies.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have been married for only a year or so, but the two aren’t quite ready for little ones!!! When Katy was on Ellen yesterday she revealed that she would “love children…[and] if it doesn’t hurt the first time, I’ll keep popping,” but she isn’t ready yet. Sounds like she put the rumors to rest, no? Check out the video below!

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    I hope so then they can put divorce rumours to rest and they wouldn’t want to split up because of the baby plus they’r baby would be STUNNINGLY CUTE
    BUT they might not have enough time with it!!!

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