Triple Ho Show 2.0 Local Video Battle

We’ve scoured through tons of artists and have picked 15 Bay Area acts to compete in our Triple Ho Show 2.0 Local Video Battle. We’re putting these videos head to head and letting you pick your favorite. The video with the most votes will get played on the BIG screens in front of 14,000 people at Triple Ho Show 2.0 at the HP Pavilion on Tuesday, December 13th. Check out the videos and start voting!

Enzyme Dynamite – Fly Away

enzyme dynamite Triple Ho Show 2.0 Local Video Battle

  • Melissa T.


  • Karen

    Don’t be a Triple Ho … vote for Hopie – Be A Lady!

  • Music Lovah

    PJayz No Pain No Gain video sits on all a dem! no contest.

  • nic villa

    I’m not hating or anything, but I don’t understand how Tess Dunn can have so little social network followers and have approximately 30,000 votes at the same time. Her total number of social network followers isn’t anywhere near that number and I doubt anyone can have that many friends, family members, etc.

    Although I am a supporter of some of the other artists on the poll, I’m not typing this comment just because I want to see them on-stage at The Triple Ho Show. I’m typing this comment because it seems suspicious. I highly suggest you guys investigate this situation and do something about it, 99.7 Now.

    • Kim

      I second Nic Villa’s statement.

  • Santa Cruz Fan

    Hey Everyone,
    Some facts about Tess Dunn:
    1. She is extraordinarily talented! Off the charts talented!
    2. She has played Warped three years running and has a huge following that reaches across the country.
    3. In addition to her social media fans, she has developed a big base because she regularly donates her time to perform for organizations that serve kids with cancer, fund cystic fibrosis research, and help teens dealing with depression and suicide. You better believe that these groups got behind voting for Tess.
    4. She has a loyal hometown Santa Cruz base. The local entertainment weekly blogged about Tess and the contest, seeking a show of local pride for her.
    5. She battles a life threatening disease, and advocates for others. She is tough!
    So stop the hating, and find out more about her. You’ll see why she has fan loyalty and devotion!

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