PHOTOS: Courtney Stodden Enjoys Santa’s North Pole

Most of you will enjoy these pics, the rest of you will really work hard to make sure your daughter never ends up like this. Teen Bride Courtney Stodden 17, who is married to 51 year old Doug Hutichson have taken to warm peoples hearts this Christmas by taking very creepy “Sit on Santa’s Lap” pictures

CelebBuzz seems to have a love of this lady and honestly I really hope that Santa gets tested after this photo shoot. You can hate on or enjoy the pictures of HERE


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  1. S.O.S. says:

    Ick —- a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior.
    She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews …
    in front of her husband (and the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later..
    She is the WORST ‘beard’ (ooops .. no wait … I meant …
    bride’ … yeah .. that’s what I meant … ‘bride’ … lol) EVER.


    Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the
    ‘prom-nigh­t bathroom-stall’ baby of … late televangel­ist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?.

    Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –- especiall­y ‘around the eyes’. LOL.

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