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LISTEN: 49ers Player Raps for Scott Hyver Lasik

You’ve been hearing Greg talk about his Lasik eye surgery for so many years… and now a San Francisco 49ers player is all about it too! Anthony Dixon has recently turned into a rapper, but he’s not rapping about cars, money, clothes and girls, he’s rapping about about vision. Listen to this hilarious song he wrote and recorded for Scott Hyver Lasik!

Listen to the song here:

Sing along:

Hitta’ Open Hole

Hitta open hole, yo, that’s how I do it
getting paid for runnin now I’m gonna bust right through it.

Going downtoooown, catch it in the flat
Safety’s dope to think he gonna take me to the mat.

Now! As a boy in Jackson, I could barely see ya
my eyes didn’t even know that leaves grew on a tree-a.

Momma saaaaid, put these glasses on your head,
but I cried when the girls said, I look a little brain dead!

Ran, and I run, and I ran it!
MSU explained it . . . and then I gained it.

Straight from my cribbo to a crib in San Francisco,
City by the sea never looked so go to me.

Now, gotta beat my man gotta see like superman
Gotta dump these contact lenses in the garbage can.

Shout! Goes out to Dr. Hyver and his fame
Cuz, LASIK is the thang, gives my vision game.

ScottHyver Visioncare, Inc., a Professional Medical Corp. Copyright ©2012


One Comment

  1. Kurt says:

    This may be a cool radio ad, but as a person who has studied advertising, this is not an effective ad. I’ve listed to it several times on KNBR. It’s difficult to hear what he is saying especially if you’re driving down the road in a car. The person who signed off on this ad was probably more enamored with the novel idea of Dixon and his rapping rather than effectively communicating the message.

  2. Victor says:

    I agree with Kurt’s comment. This is an awful rap and an awful commercial. It’s not a well done rap, it’s poor lyrically, and on top of that you can’t make out what he’s saying. If Scott Hyver has any business sense whatsoever, I would be pretty shocked if this radio ad stays on the air for more than another week or two.

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