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VIDEO: Adam Lambert in the 99.7 NOW studio

adam main VIDEO: Adam Lambert in the 99.7 NOW studio

Greg and Adam lambert photo by @whitemenace

Adam Lambert when he stopped by 997 NOW to chat with Fernando and Greg. Adam talked about life post-American Idol,Makeup,Women,Football and also gave the scoop on his new single and album and tons more.


One Comment

  1. magsmagenta says:

    The 360 video was interesting, but it used up a lot of bandwidth on my slow computer 😦 Your studio is interesting but I just put Adam in the middle 😦

  2. Doriangrey says:

    What a great interview, Adam is so funny and you guys are hilarious. Can’t wait for his tour and love Adam’s new single and new album is going to be a hit.

  3. Matt says:

    at 3 minutes & 20 seconds, it’s obivious this version is not the ‘full’ video …

  4. outlandogirl says:

    Where can I find the entire interview?

  5. outlandogirl says:

    Everyone says it was one of the best interviews with Adam they have heard. I’d like to hear it all. Thanks!

  6. Katy says:

    you guys look so handsome!

  7. Selu says:

    Thank you so much for the Adam Lambert interview!

  8. lovingadam1031 says:

    Love the interview but I don’t think it was the full version. It cut off at talking about Football. Is there more? Loved the questions you asked Adam and how well you three guys interacted. Hope Adam will come back on your show when his album is released in March/April. I also love BTIKM song and especially the music video. In fact I think the video should get every award possible it’s just that good.

  9. When will interviewers stop talking about make-up and eye-liner? Move on, guys, we ALL have our own! What we can’t make is THE MUSIC!!! Adam’s music and voice is AWESOME! Yeah, we think he’s gorgeous, too!

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