SFPD Will Be Disguised As New York Giants Fans At 49ers Game

[photogallerylink id=220078] Being a RAIDERS fan, there’s no denying the 49ers fever in every part of the Bay! The spot to be this Sunday will be of course Candlestick Park! Just in time for tomorrow’s festivities, The SFPD is giving fans a heads up…. be on your best behavior! Plus, you never know the person all decked out in their NY Giants gear could be an undercover SFPD officer! Find out what they are telling fans before the game…

In an effort to discourage a not so “friendly” environment for fans who spent lots of money on their tickets…. they want to make it a fun experience for everyone. Afterall, it’ is a game. It’s supposed to be a fun time! You are going to have 49er fans and you’re going to have NY Giants fans and you know what…. THAT’S supposed to be OK! That’s what makes it fun right?

The SFPD says they just want to make sure everyone has a great experience tomorrow. At last weeks game, there were complaints by fans in Saints gear that said they felt threatened and were cursed out for cheering for the opposite team. One man said he brought his 2 daughters to the game and didn’t even feel safe or comfortable getting up to complain because the taunting was coming from all directions! The 49ers organization and the Candlestick park staff don’t want that to happen again, especially with tomorrow’s game being even a bigger deal than last Saturday’s game! So what’s the plan….

SFPD seargent Mike Andraychak said, “The first step would be ejection. If you’re threatening, intimidating, using profanity, you should expect to be ejected from either the parking lot or if you’re inside the game.” Not only will officers be sprinkled through the crowds in NY Giants gear, but also in plain clothes!

If you are going to the game, just have a great time and don’t give the SFPD a reason to look at you! Have you ever been the person cheering on the opposite team? How did you deal with it? Do you think the SFPD’s plan will work and stop the fan brawls and unsportsman  like attitude with some people?


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  1. Liz P says:

    It doesn’t matter. Many 49er fans are just uneducated, immature drunks. This is why I have never returned to any sporting event in the Bay Area.

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