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San Jose Gunderson High School Coach Under Fire For Suspending Best Players

Coach Mike Allen has made it known that there are consequences for your actions! Coach Allen is taking some heat from parents after benching his best players on the Varsity Basketball team at Gunderson High School in San Jose. It doesn’t look like he’s backing down either! So what caused the guys on the team to get the Coach so upset?

Last night Gunderson played Silver Creek and they lost.  The Varsity team lost by 35 points. Would the outcome have been different if they teams 5 best players were allowed to get in the game? The Coach is standing by his decision! He said, “Understand, you gotta work hard. You gotta be committed. Understand that there are rules that every program has to be able to grow as young men.”

The reason the players were on the bench is for “insubordinate behavior.” One player on the JV team said he knows the Coach is only doing what he has to do. The student said, “You’re not always going to agree with someone you have to work with, and something that you’re doing, so you gotta respect upper management.”

Surprisingly, parents at Gunderson in San Jose are on the fence on this issue! Some feel the punishment was too harsh. One parent said, “I think he did the wrong thing by taking them off, I think there could’ve been other alternatives.” Another parents says, “I know Coach Allen and he really has a heart for basketball and a heart for our youth.” The Principal at the school backs the Coach and says the players broke the “code of conduct” rule they signed when they joined the team.

According to, the team has lost 17 games and won 3. Last season they were tied for the League Championships. Do you think it’s right that some parents are upset with the coach’s decision? Would you be upset if your child had to sit out some games when they did something wrong? What do you think?


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