VIDEO: Zac Efron Drops Condom at Movie Premier

SOOOO NOT COOL! Get this, at the premiere of The Lorax, Zac Efron is seen walking the red carpet and dropping a condom!!!

Okay, so in the video below Zac Efron is seen dropping a gold wrapped condom on the red carpet. I can’t believe this happened because 1. It’s a FAMILY movie, so there were little kids on the red carpet AND 2. What is he even doing with a condom in his pocket?! HOW RUDE! Way to set an example Zac!! And really embarrassing too!! LOL, check out the video of him dropping the condom and EMBARRASSINGLY try to pick it up!!

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One Comment

  1. Kim says:

    Why are people making a big deal about a condom? For 1 kids are not going to have a clue of what a condom is and If they do then they know that you should always practice safe sex..and 2 don’t ask what kind of example he is setting .. At least we al know he wraps up .. Showing safe sex! He’s human get over it he has SEX to!

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