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New App Lets Parents See The Texts Their Kids Are Sending!

Of course there’s an App for that! I’m talking about a new App that lets parents see what their kids are texting from their phones! Some parents are loving the idea so they can monitor what their kids are always on their phones texting. Plus, they find it as a way to make sure they aren’t texting something that they shouldn’t be. On the other hand, you have kids and teens saying it’s an invasion of privacy! Where do you draw the line?

One mom said she gave her 12 year old son a cell phone so she could get a hold of him in emergencies or other times she needs to tell him something real quick. She does monitor his phone usage throught their cell plan already, but says this idea give her a better sense of security. She does worry about sometimes the texts that some kids/teens send. She said, “There’s a lot of inappropriate things out there that I’d rather not have that on his phone.”

With this new Android app, she can actually see in real-time the texts/pictures going out on his phone. It’s called Pics Checker. The company behind “Pics Checker” want people to know their goal is to have a kid/teen think twice before hitting send on those texts/picture messages and to avoid sexting! Face it, if you knew your parents might see your text, would you really say what you want? Another parent says, “[This app] it’s definitely a good way to not spy, but keep track of what your child is doing.” Is it though? One more Dad chimed in saying, “I don’t believe in waiting for something to happen.”

Some kids/teens feel like it’s definitely spying! One person said, “I think children are entitled to to their privacy. I do think you need to have an open dialogue at home first and have a little faith on what your child is doing.” One teen said, “It’s already hard enough for our parents to trust teens these days and this app doesn’t help any. It’s just a way to spy on us. Parents should have more confidence in their kids they are raising!”

Right now the app is only available on Android phones and not Blackberry or iPhones yet. It costs $3.99 a month and even alerts parents if the app connection has been modified, deleted or tampered with! What do yo think? Is it a parent’s right to know what you are texting or see the pics you are sending your friends? Is this app an invasion of privacy? If you are a parent, would you install it on your phone to monitor or just trust your kids?


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