Top 10: Oreo Cookie Fun Facts

Bet you didn’t know the Oreo cookie turns 100 today!! To celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday, we gathered all the fun and crazy facts about your favorite cookie! Some will surprise you, so read on!

10. America’s Favorite Cookie

The Oreo cookie is America’s favorite cookie!! In fact, Oreo is the top selling packaged cookie in the United States, and billions have been sold since it’s debut in 1912! 490 billion Oreo cookies to be exact! Crazy amount right?

9. History of the Oreo

Oreos were created in a  New York City bakery, and were sold in a tin for $.25 per pound. The cookies were created with British customers in mind.

8. Oreo Name

Although the cookie goes by the name Oreo, in the past the Oreo was named all sorts of things. First they were named “Oreo Biscuits,” then in the 1920s, the name changed to “Oreo Sandwhich.” Afterwards, in the 1940s, they were called “Oreo Creme Sandwhich” and then in the 1970s “Oreo Chocolate Sandwhich Cookie.” Oreo is a much simpler name if you ask me.

7. Different Ways to Eat an Oreo

The Oreo is famously eaten in a variety of ways. People either eat the creme part first and then the cookies after or the other way around. In the beginning, this is the way children were taught to eat an Oreo. Nabisco says “a kidd’ll eat the middle of an Oreo first and save the outsides chocolate cookie for last.” According to a poll, there are 50 percent of Oreo eaters who pull apart their cookies before eating, and women twisting them open more often than men.

6. Different Types of Oreo

Even though the creamy center has traditionally been vanilla, Nabisco has introduced other flavors too. Now, you can find an Oreo with a chocolate center, and in some places, green tea flavor too!

5. Oreos Everywhere 

Oreos are not just a cookie anymore. In fact, they’re considered a flavor too! ‘Cause you can get them in milkshakes, in pies, in cakes, etc.

4. Pork Fat 

Oreo’s original recipe called for pork fat to create the creamy center. GROSS!!

3. Recipe

To make an annual batch of Oreos one needs 18 million pounds of cocoa and 47 million pounds of cream filling. WHOA!!

2. Oreo’s Name Origin

No one really knows where Oreo’s name origin comes from. However, there are reports saying it might have a Greek origin meaning “appetizing.”

1. Milk

Oreo is best served with Milk!! Who doesn’t eat Oreo’s with a cup of cold milk?! Before being considered “America’s Favorite Cookie,” the Oreo was called “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”


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