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Fernando And Greg Daily Podcast (03.07.2012)

On today’s show: Greg gives us a major update on the ticket he received for littering. Is this fiasco finally over? Fernando’s celebrity scoop covers what Snooki’s pregnancy confirmation means for the rest of her “career”, Greg wonders if he can score a date with a local athlete who is about to hit the big time, and Greg’s mom Ginger gears up for new chickens. Plus, is it OK for boys to wear high heels to school?

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One Comment

  1. Sarie says:

    I hate the new podcast clip format … I much prefer highlighs from each morning’s show rather than an hour by hour replay !!!

  2. Sarian says:

    The new web page suck big time.!!! Like everything else in the US a new design means less content. This is what this page looks like. It now has the shrinking F&G contents and more ginormous in your face adds. Even the comment section shrunk to this ridiculous size fonts. The next time we see a redesign of the F&G page, the advertisements will have taken over like a virus leaving the F&G contents to be the size of a postage stamp. I mean look at all this white space that used to held contents that you can easily access to. At least now I don’t have to look at Jason’s or Big Boob Hollywood fugs.

    Yes, the hour by hour sucks. I don’t want to hear repeats, the shouts out to the people I don’t give a rat’s ass about, and to top it off the Ginger page is gone. WTF!

    Seriously, CBS has gone downhill and this show it.

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