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Justin Bieber Talks New Sound, Electric Cars And Visiting The Bay

Justin Bieber is shedding his bubble-gum persona with his latest single “Boyfriend.” The 18-year-old surprised us all with the track’s pop-R&B sound and slick lyrics. A definite risk considering people probably weren’t expecting him to rework his winning formula.

What prompted Justin’s daring move into musical adulthood? It was all about experimenting and figuring out what worked according to the singer. “We worked with a lot of different people. We tried so many different things,” explained Bieber to St. John during a call-in to 99.7 [NOW!]. “We went this way. We went that way. We just went every way and tried to figure out which way I wanted to go and how I wanted to do it.” He set his sights on a sound that we haven’t heard in a while considering pop music has just recently been flooded with tracks inspired by the electronic dance music movement.


While his mature sound is a risk there’s no doubt that it has struck a chord with his fans. “It was really crazy man. I didn’t really expect it,” said Bieber of the single’s debut.  “All my fans loved it. Got a lot of good support from other people so it’s been great.” The support for “Boyfriend” translated into a #1 debut on iTunes. Billboard reports that Bieber should expect a huge Hot 100 debut as well. They estimate he will sell around 400,000 downloads by the end of the week – easily surpassing his current sales high of 199,000 downloads.

With all that success you would think a guy his age would be either overwhelmed or have a huge ego. Bieber consistently proves that success doesn’t mean you forget your roots. “It’s about remembering where you came from… It was a hard struggle to get where I’ve gotten so you’ve always gotta remember that.” However, that doesn’t mean a pop star shouldn’t indulge in their success every now and then.

[Photos] Justin Bieber At The NRJ Music Awards 2012

For his 18th birthday, Justin received a Fisker Karma from his manager, Scooter Braun. If you’re not familiar with this vehicle it’s a fancy $100,000 electric car that most people simply can’t afford. “It’s dope. It’s all electric so you plug it in a night. If you want to drive with gas you can put gas in it,” said Justin about his swanky gift.

Don’t worry Bieber fans. He’s not too busy cruising in his new wheels to take his new material on the road. According to Justin we can expect him in the Bay Area sooner than we think. “I’ll be back in the Bay probably this summer man. Hopefully we’ll come out with a tour after the album drops.”

Listen to the full Justin Bieber interview below:

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