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Simon Cowell Gets Grilled on Fernando and Greg

Simon Cowell called in to talk to Fernando and Greg this morning about The X Factor, American Idol and the success of One Direction. Listen to the entire interview right here!

Simon called into our show before to talk about The X Factor, but this time Fernando and Greg did not hold back. They asked him who the new judges are going to be, and if they considered Whitney Houston before her death. Simon gets into details about Whitney and how tragic her loss was. He also does NOT want to reveal who the new judges will be. Sounds like that means it’s going to be Britney Spears…

The guys also asked Simon about American Idol even though he isn’t a judge on that show anymore. They basically called the show out by saying the current judges are too nice and not honest enough, so they replaced Simon with Jimmy Iovine, but not live on camera. Have you guys watched American Idol lately though?? They really just put Jimmy’s opinions in throughout the results show on the big screen. They definitely need someone like Simon back on the show!

One Direction also comes up in this conversation. Simon basically created this boy band on The X Factor UK and they have become a HUGE success! He talks about how they all auditioned as solo artists but he put them together as a band and look how that turned out! Wonderfully!

The entire interview is really interesting so get some insight on everything he’s working on lately right here:

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