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Upscale Mall Enforces Teen Curfew & Dress Code

mall Upscale Mall Enforces Teen Curfew & Dress Code

Shoppers at NorthPark Mall (Photo By Peter Larsen/Getty Images)

Ever had someone drop you off at the mall to meet up with friends? Have you ever wore a hoodie to the mall? Have you ever taken a pic or made a video with some of your friends at the mall? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are breaking the rules at one mall in Dallas!

At NorthPark Mall in Dallas, you better be on your best behavior when you shop! The mall has over 235 shops and resturants and is the largest “climate controlled retail establishment in the world” according to the company’s website. It also boasts that total sales at the mall are expected to be over $1 billion dollars by the end of the year.

Now the security guards or what we sometimes lovingly refer to them as, “mall cops” are on high watch at this fancy upscale mall. But not everyone is happy with one main rule….. the curfew for shoppers under 17 years old!

The company that owns the mall says that there wasn’t one incident that happened to make them set the strict rules, they are just “thinking ahead” before problems could happen. Teens in the Dallas area that go to NorthPark mall say it’s just crazy to single them out to be the trouble-makers and enforce rules on them alone.

The new mall rules are:

** Children under 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the mall after 6pm. (The only exception to the new rule is if you work at the mall or are going to the movie theater there.)

** The mall is also discouraging people from taking pictures of themselves or taking video of themselves or others at the mall.

** People must be dressed appropriately for the family friendly enviroment and no undergarments are to be shown at any time.

* Clothing that obstructs the face and clothing with vulgar, lewd, obscene language or images isn’t allowed. Clothing must also adequetly cover the body. So if your tank tops or shorts are too revealing, they could ask you to leave the mall all together.

The new code of conduct rules is splitting the community. You have some shoppers who are saying it’s about time and that some teens make it an uncomfortable experience when they do go to that mall and cause a scene. On the other hand, you have teens who say sometimes the only way to get to the mall is after 6pm and not always with a parent. Teens feel like they are being singled out for no reason.

Do you think a curfew and these types of rules at a mall in the Bay would work? Do you think these new rules will work or be enforced? What would you do if you were asked to leave the mall because of something you were wearing or because you weren’t with an adult? Is this fair?

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