No Runner Up Record Deal For Jessica Sanchez From ‘American Idol’

Millions of people were shocked when Jessica Sanchez wasn’t crowned this year’s American Idol. Usually, it wouldn’t be too big a deal because the runner ups generally come out on top anyways! Sometimes the runner ups end up doing better than the Idol winner! With the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood of course!

Turns out, Jessica might not even get the big pay day that runner ups use to get thanks to a new contract that was signed by the contestants this season. After a copy of the contract was shown to the Associated Press… they noticed that Jessica could only get up to $30,000 in advances for her songs. In all the other seasons, the runner up also got a record deal…. but NOT this season. It’s just so wierd especially with just how good Jessica is!  All the other years, Idol contestants had signed a contract where they could get up to $175,000 in advances!  So that means she’s not getting a  for sure record deal from Idol! I hope that means she is able to shop around with other labels at least?!

So why the change all of a sudden this season? Well, Idol  noticed a slump in album sales from the past runner ups and other contestants. Plus, I’m sure the drop in viewers to the actual show didn’t help any over the last few seasons. I’ve always said, the show just isn’t the same without Simon!

Do you think the people over at ‘Idol’ are short-changing Jessica? Do you think Jessica will be ok despite this new contract she signed? I think she has a loooong career ahead of her and I’m sure she’s shopping deals as we speak! Fingers crossed for that!

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