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PRINCE & 3RD EYE GIRL SF Late Show Concert Review

I have been wanting to see Prince since he was last here in the bay in 2011! I had been going through Prince withdrawls ever since. In between the rare tv appearances on the ‘Grammys’, ‘The View’ or ‘Jimmy Fallon’… I needed more. Well my prayers were answered last month when the announcement came he was going on tour! Then hearing the show wouldn’t be at the HP Pavillion or the Oracle Arena, my heart dropped. I knew it was going to be super hard to get tickets! And what would they cost??

When the news broke that Prince was coming to the DNA Lounge in SF  I was relieved! I knew exactly where that was, I’d been to the huge Costco across the street. I knew how special it was going to be too since it’s a small club. But I thought, “Ok, I got this.”  I have to be there, I’ll just buy my tickets. Then the tickets went on sale and sold out quickly and I was left out! Even at the $250 ticket price + $25 service fee! Prince fans don’t PLAY! Plus, Prince would be here for 2 nights playing 2 shows per night so I was hoping to make it in somehow. But of course it wouldn’t just be him alone!

Prince announced he was going to be going on tour and bringing his latest find: 3RD Eye Girl. The band consists of 3 phenomenal women who you NEED to know! First up, Hannah Ford (blonde drummer), Donna Grantis (the guitarist who has half her head shaved) &  Ida Nielsen (Danish speaking Bass player). All the women are stunningly beautiful but even more so can play and keep up with Prince like no ones business! They are not just pretty faces in the background… they played their asses off and the crowd soaked all their energy in!

I was lucky enough to finally get a ticket to the late show last night. Secretly, I was hoping that being at the late show, we’d get an extra special show because he wouldn’t have to keep an eye on time and we could all FUNK until the break of dawn. Ok, a little cliche’ but none the less…. wishful thinking right?? A girl can dream. Even though the ticket said doors open at 10pm and show starts at 11:30pm, you know I had to get there early! I just had to be with my Prince fam, the one group of people in the world who get my love and sometime quirky obsession with that man!

I got there early enough to see the people going to the early show line up, get stamped on the wrist and walk in. I was excited for them, and what they were about to experience. Especially since so many said this was their first Prince show ever! WHAT??? Well…. welcome to a life-changing night of music people. After last night, I know that was NOT going to be their last show!

Since I was there early, I was part of the first 100 people in line so I got a wristband. I didn’t know they were doing that but I put my wrist out and the guy put it on me. The DNA Lounge staffer said, “This is a gift from Prince and the band thanking you for being here so early.” I said, “Cool thanks.” I was calm, then when he walked away— I kinda light-weight freaked out! Whether it was true or not… I’m going to belive the DNA guy. Why would he lie right?? A gift from PRINCE??? AAAAHHHHH!!!! LOL- Ok, now on to the show…..

I made my way to the stage and got my spot.  Looking around, I thought soon as they open the doors this place is going to be bananas!! I was right— After the doors opened for everyone else, you heard screaming and them saw the mob running to the floor to be in front of the stage. I kept my spot though. No one was going to push me. I kept my elbows up, and fought my spot. LOL– I was in the third row. I call it the third row since there were 2 women in front of me and then it was the stage. I wanted to be right in front of the microphone stand. I wanted PRINCE to be in front of me all night.

When you look at the stage set-up, it was pretty simple actually. There were 3 fancy screens, kind of like what he used from the last tour just on a smaller scale. When the lights went out and we knew the show was about to start, I could feel my heart beating faster! This is the what I’ve been waiting for and from the looks of it… Prince couldn’t wait to give it to us!

When Prince walked out dressed in black, sporting his new hair style, there had to be some busted ear drums! That place was LOUD! Well that is the name of the tour ‘Live Out Loud’— Prince stepped up and grabbed the guitar and said, “San Francisco!!! Are you ready.” By then I had tears coming down my face. I’d like to think it wasn’t the ugly boo hoo kinda cry, but either way it was happy tears. I was seeing my MAN up there!! He started jamming on the guitar with the ladies and then said, “San Fran, can I lip-sync for you.” The crowd screamed he said, “Can I lip-sync for you– everyone else does!” All of us in the crowd knew we were in for a party now!! 

Here’s the set list from the late show I went to. Since security was so strict about us using phones, I couldn’t take notes on which ones he did like I usually do on my Blackberry. So I’m trying to do it from memory….

LET’S GO CRAZY– sounded different but still a great way to start to show

ENDORPHINEMACHINE– Loved this one! Great song to build the engery of the crowd!

SCREWDRIVER– I knew he’s do this song, so it was great to see him perform it live making all those faces he does on the guitar.

SHE’S ALWAYS IN MY HAIR– Love, love, love this song! People on the Prince fan sites were saying he HAS to play this song at every show. Definitely one for my all time fav songs list!

I COULD NEVER TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR MAN– I sang every line along with him on this one!

BAMBI– Loved seeing this one live too! I think this is where he took his jacket off and showed his toned arms. I just remember him sliding the jacket off and me screaming and jumping up and down! LOL-

PLECTRUM ELECTRUM- Fun to see the crowd react to that one!

GUITAR– Love watching him do this one live. Plus it reminds me of the Verizon commerical it was in a few years ago! LOL-

FIXURLIFEUP– A new song that was just was released about a week or so ago. You can tell only a few die- hard fans knew what it was. It’s such a great song, make sure you look it up if you haven’t heard it yet. Good luck finding it… but hopefully it’ll be on iTunes or something soon.

I LIKE IT THERE– It was great when in one of the lines of the song he says, “I like it there, U know how much I love ya, I like it there, more than I love my hair,”…. and he pointed to his new hairstyle. Everyone was transfixed on Prince for good reason!

CAUSE & EFFECT– Very funky and you can see he and the band loved jamming to this one! This was the song that caused a buzz a few years ago since he released it to some Minnesota radio dj’s to play it on air. C’mon Prince, I’m a radio dj– feel free to release some new music to me… I’ll share it! LOL–

WHEN WE’RE DANCING SLOW & CLOSE— Can I just say OMG!!! Not only hearing the song live, but watching Prince sing the lyric, making all the faces he does during this sexy song… WOW!!! HIGHLIGHT of my night. It’s a song I didn’t think he’d ever do anymore!

Another highlight was watching Prince sort of play DJ. After the 2nd encore— he came out and did a medley of songs. Similar to the last tour. I mean really— going through his catalog of hits would take forever! It was good to hear even just the snippets of these crowd favorites. Here’s my list from his medley not in any particular order since I’m trying to remember it all…












It was great during Housequake and Prince pointed to the people dancing on the stage. Even the band was dancing. He said, “They’re too young to know the Housequake dance! San Fran, do you know the dance.” I was screaming ” Yeeeeeah”– Then he played the song again and on the part where he says, “We’re gonna show you, what to do. You put your foot down on the to, you jump up on the one, now you’re having fun. You’re doing the housequake yeaaaaaah.” EVERYONE was jumping and doing the dance. Soooo much fun!!

It was just a different kind of man. He was  laid back, fun and funky kinda PRINCE all around. He didn’t seem to have any pressures, or even stress. I know trying to reach everyone in a 20,000+ arena is tough. You’ll hear others argue it’s not fair he plays small venues since all his fans don’t get a fair chance at seeing their man. All in all…. it’s about the music. And if he can play a new song to about 500 people and read their vibe, I think it’s just as important. There were no elaborate fireworks, costume changes. Just 4 people on stage who love muisc and want us to hear it straight from their mouths or fingers!

Even when Prince intro’d to the crowd that he was about to play something “new”– you could see in his face, he lit up. He seemed like a giddy little boy who was excited to show you his newest toy that he just got. Prince and the ladies of 3rd Eye Girl basically just came ready to show us all a good time.

And that it was…. I had an amazing time. Although I was able to buy a ticket just yesterday afternoon and go alone. I didn’t feel alone, being surrounded by so many Prince fans. Sure you could tell those who only know songs from the ‘Purple Rain’ album and then there were others like myself. The ones who know and LOVE, yes LOVE every song. Even if the critics didn’t understand the less popular albums, we get it.

I’m hoping that after this tour set is done next month, it was a great experience and Prince is ready to bring this tour out on a larger scale. Shoot, bring back the Prince symbol stage! Bring on the purple confetti, bring on the merchandise booths. I’m ready for it all. Until then, I’m going to be basking in my amazing memories of my man PRINCE last night who stood  less than 10 feet away from me all night. 

If you are blessed to be going tonight. Get there early! Even you early show people. Don’t ever THINK about taking your phone out when you get in the club. No pictures allowed. Even if you use your phone to see what time it is, they are on you. One guy in next to me took a picture and security was grabbing him before he could even put the camera down. The security is hiding throughout watching the crowd, so wear a watch and put your phone away! Not worth the risk! As for parking, I parked across the street at Costco and had no problems. Dress warm, you’ll be outside in the SF cold and wind for awhile. Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to PAR-TAY!!

Where you there at either show last night? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you. Plus, I’m sure I missed some songs— so what did I forget?

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