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Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z SF Concert Review ‘Legends Of Summer Tour’

- Mary Diaz | Weekends

When I first heard that Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z were going to be going on tour, I thought “How’s that going to work?” I mean, who would be the headliner, who who go on stage first, who would be their opening act. So many questions and I knew that I didn’t want to just keep wondering, I had to make sure I was there to see it for myself and so did thousands of others that were there braving the cold and wind at Candlestick Park last night to catch the Legends of Summer Tour!

Getting to the Stick was a feat in itself since the every news and radio station was announcing reminders that Friday afternoon’s commute was going to be an “extra” busy. There was an A’s game, Giants game, John Mayer concert at Shoreline all on top of the usual Friday traffic. I live in Union City and was lucky that the only traffic I was stuck in was waiting to pay at the tolls. While I was sitting there stuck, I could hear my Mom in my head telling me, “See… if you bought a Fastrak transponder like I told you, you’d be there already!”– LOL…. Anyways… on to the concert!!

So walking into the Stick you saw this huuuuuge stage set up draped in red. I immediately thought, where are the big screens I knew I would be keeping my eyes on since I was in the nose-bleed section waaaaaay up top! There was a DJ who was in the middle of the floor seats who was playing some crowd favorite to get everyone hyped for the show. As I looked around, people really didn’t need that much hyping’ everyone there was READY to party with the two LEGENDS!!

Check out my Instagram from the show:

At 8:45pm the big red stage all of a sudden lit up and the lights around the packed stadium went out. My heart was racing and I knew this was about to be a night that I wouldn’t soon forget. Just as I was going to say, “We should’ve brought binoculars!”— 2 large screens lit up on either side of the stage! Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I was happy to see them! The stage looked simple but when the show started, the red we were seeing were actually screens that changed throughout the night to fit the tempo/mood of the tracks they were performing all while the side screens had a camera locked in on JT’s every move and the other on Jay-Z.

The crowd was going nuts and the screams were super loud. People were pulling out their phones and snapping away or recording. Then all of a sudden the live band appears, the background singers come out. Who would come out first? Justin or Jay-Z?? Well of course……. BOTH of them! Just when I thought, they are kicking off the show with ‘Suit & Tie”— I heard the opening of Holy Grail and I got goosebumps!! What a way to kick off what was going to turn into an epic night!!

I know you want to know what other songs the fellas performed so here’s the set list I came up. Sorry in advanced if I forgot a song- I was having a blast that I probably missed something. I didn’t even think of taking pics I was so busy just being in the moment singing and dancing along! Here it goes along with any tidbits I can remember to make you feel like you were there…..

Legends of Summer Tour Set List for “The Stick”:

Holy Grail– JT & Jay-Z graced the stage together. No opening act, just them and they both looked good and seemed ready to bring it! They had a very playful vibe right off the top. On the screens were images of old statues that were on the backdrop which added to the feeling of the track. JT says, “San Franciscooooooo” and from the other side of the stage Jay-Z says, “Yay- Areaaaaaaaa”- the crowd is all on their feet. The big screen on Jay-Z shows him doing his signature laugh and takes a minute to look all around the sold out stadium with a look of “oh, y’all ain’t playing- you’re ready!” That we were!

Give It To Me– One of my many favs from Jay-Z and it was cool to see that JT stood on stage and performed it with him!

Rock Your Body– Was great to see JT do this song- I almost forgot about this one! Both guys actually split their verses to go back and forth between both songs- it worked great.

I Want You Back– Yes JT brought out the Jackson 5 classic!! So fun!

Izzo– I LOVED this one and so did the crowd!! Everyone was following along saying, “H- to the Izz O, V- to the Izz A…that’s the anthem get your damn hands up!!!”

Excuse Me Miss– Another great classic! There’s so many more just wait….

Senorita– Now it’s JT’s turn at the keyboard- So happy he did that one. I always liked that track! Then Jay-Z comes back out and all of a sudden the crowd gets louder than it already was and you hear the haunting opening beats of another Jay-Z classic… I hearing things?? Is he going to do it….

On To The Next One– Oh yeah he does!!! Everyone starts throwing their diamonds up including me and rappin along with Hova! LOL- “I got a million ways to get it….chose one….On to the next one, on to the next one….” Loved it!!

Like I Love You– JT comes back out and this time he has his guitar in hand. I knew it had to be this for this song. Everyone was singing along to this track and even hitting JT’s high notes! He even took some time to put the guitar down to dance for us.

My Love- This one has to be one of the many crowd favorites. No one was sitting down in their seats when it came on!

Big Pimpin– Soon as the crowd heard the beginning “Uh, uh, uh, uh…” they chimed in saying, “Big Pimpin Baby”- Great seeing and hearing the crowd vibe with this one. Everyone was bouncing & saying, “Let’s ri, i, i, i, ide check em out now…”

Tunnel Vision– JT’s turn to break out some new music. I love this track on the album, but seeing him perform it live made me love it even more!!

Jigga What, Jigga Who– Everyone had their bounce on for this one too….Jay-Z was very playful letting the crowd help him with his verse and have some fun! I was wondering what song would be next…. then JT came out with an electric guitar and I knew which one he’d do-

You Don’t Know– Yeeeeeeah– so happy to see/hear this one live from the Blueprint album! JT was rocking out on the guitar keeping up with Jay-Z- then they went into another one of my favorites that I know word for word…..

99 Problems- Loved that JT stood out there with him and even performed the track with him. Can you guess which lines JT did??? Yup, the part of the officer in the song. You know the part of the song where Jay-Z is driving and gets pulled over and then the officer goes, “Son, do you know why I’m stopping you for….. Well you was doing 55 in a 54….” Classic track that everyone else was helping JT do too- LOL everyone was rapping along including myself, hahahaha~…. but to hear JT do the “cop voice” and perform that song was one of my top 5 highlights for sure! Then JT disappears under the stage, but doesn’t stay away for long, now it’s time to show some love to the Bay!

Blow The Whistle– Bet you didn’t know Jay-Z knows how to get a Bay crowd on his side…. you gotta do this Too Short classic! Jay didn’t miss a beat!

Hard Knock Life- The song that makes me think of the movie/musical ‘Annie’ because of the sample Jay-Z uses on the track. Always is a crowd favorite anytime it comes on at a party, club and of course in concert! Everyone was swaying their diamonds in the air to this one!

Heart Of The City– LOVED the fact that JT came out and sang this one while Jay-Z performed it. It made me love the song even more. Have I mentioned that JT is suuuuuper talented?? OMG!!!

Pusher Love Girl– It was JT’s time to take over and he did that in a big way by asking the crowd, “Can I play some new music for ya’ll? The girl sitting next to me asked me, “Excuse me, what’s that song??” So I guess it was too new for her- so sad! You gotta pick up the new JT album mama! LOL— Just as she seemed confused… JT went into one of his biggest hits….

Summer Love- Great watching JT have fun with the crowd and break into some dance moves here and there! What an entertainer!!! He even had his background singers come out to the front of the stage to have some fun and perform this next track!

Lovestoned– C’mon, you have to dance to this one- the beat doesn’t let you stay in your seat. Everyone was dancing to this one! Loved it, his singing and dancing was on point!

Until The End Of Time- It was time now to get silky so I loved when JT said, “Ladies, grab your man, Fellas grab your lady or ladies grab your lady, fellas grab your man….let’s do this,” and broke into this track!!! Gave me goose bumps on this one- I was waiting for Beyonce to join him on stage holding Blue Ivy or something…. but no luck! JT didn’t needed it– he could hold his own and shoot….he can hold mine! LOL- ok, nevermind…. ahahhaha~

Cry Me A River- Not sure if JT was thinking about Britney on this one but man!!!! He poured everything into this one. He killed it- His best of the night!! At the end of that one- the screams were loud and JT looked around soaking it all in. Then he said, “Ya’ll got me hyped San Francisco! Can I do something new? Ya’ll listen to the radio, I need to see you dancing to this mother f*****!” What song was he going to do next that you hear on the radio that’s new????

Take Back The Night– Of course!! I love that track, kinda has a Michael Jackson vibe to it! He looked like he loved performing that one!

What Goes Around– Another crowd favorite! Great to see him do that one live and put so much emotion into it!

Dirt Off Your Shoulder– Jay Z appears at the top of the stage and walks down the steps to JT and they shake hands as if they were handing off the baton to finish the race. I didn’t want it to end though even though I was thinking what songs were still left to do! LOL-

In Paris- Would Jay do this one even if Kanye wasn’t there??? Yup- he sure did! Then the spotlights are on the crowd who are vibing with the whole show and Jay takes a moment. I stare at the big screen to see him upclose and see how he never changes. Looks the same and is still rocking his leather Nets snapback hat. C’mon Hova, at least a Warriors hat would’ve been cool– but o well, I get it! LOL-

Tom Ford– One of my favs on the new album!! My hubby who went with me was looking at me cuz I knew the whole song word for word and not just the hook— thank you very much! He hadn’t heard that track before, plus he knows how much of a Jay fan I am so he wasn’t too surprised! LOL- Then the stage goes black and there’s only a single spotlight on the left of the stage and JT is there
in all his hotness about to take it back…. I mean waaaay back!

New York, New York– Yes, the old school Frank Sinatra song! So very fitting that the next song would be another one of New York’s anthems–

Empire State of Mind– You heard Alicia Key’s singing and Jay-Z holding it down. You’d think we were all from New York as much as people love and identify with that song in one way or another! Now it’s JT’s turn!

Mirrors– Everyone loved this one! This song is everywhere so it was cool to see JT give it his all while he performed it for us!

Run This Town– This is where Jay-Z reappears but this time being lifted from under the stage to roars of the crowd. We heard Rihanna’s part of the song and then Jay-Z took over from there. I kept waiting for her to walk out- wishful thinking on my part again! LOL-

Encore– Love this song and especially when he says, “Encore, do you want more….”- I was thinking HELL YEAH I do!! I didn’t want the night to end, but I knew it was winding down. But not before JT came back out to do another hit.

Sexyback– I think everyone was singing along to this one and doing their own little dance to it! Such a huge song from Justin and didn’t disappoint- he brought lots of energy to this one! Then he disappears and of course we all know what song is next…

Suit and Tie– What a way to come out to this song. So amazing to see JT and Jay-Z come on top of the staircase wearing black blazers and with a glass of champagne in their hands. They shake hands, give each other a hug and then walk down the stairs only to toast their glasses take a drink and then perform the song! I thought that was it but then Jay-Z shouts out Trayvon Martin & everyone who we’ve loved and lost. JT tells the crowd to take your cell phones out and light up the stadium to show some love. It was amazing to see all the lights on and gave me goosebumps. Then I heard the beginning of this next song and I knew I was going to get emotional.

Forever Young– To hear JT sing the parts that Mr. Hudson does you would’ve thought it was JT’s all along. At one point Jay-Z gave a shout out to Trayvon Martin and everyone we lost too soon. Definitely a fitting tribute and moment that I was so happy to have experienced.

What a way to end the concert. By then it was 11:05pm when they left the stage and the lights came on. How perfect to witness music at it’s best! Even though I’m a RAIDER fan, I know with the closing of Candlestick coming up next season, I couldn’t help but wonder- how amazing last night was to add this concert as part of the Stick’s history. People will be talking about this concert for days, months and years it was that good! They BOTH killed it- It was so worth the traffic headaches and 2 hours after the show trying to get out of the Stick parking lot! I’d do it again in a heartbeat, so come back to the Bay JT & Jay-Z!!! What did you think of the show? What was your favorite performance or moment!

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @MaryDiaz997/ IG: MaryDiazOnAir/ Facebook: and we can talk JT and Jay-Z!

Check out some pics from last night here!

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