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One Direction San Jose Concert Review

1d sharks One Direction San Jose Concert Review

It was well over a year ago that my daughter begged me to buy her tickets to see ONE DIRECTION! She’s not one of those kids who asks for much, so I said, “We’ll see.” I didn’t want to say “Sure,” because when they were here in last year the tickets sold out in record time. Would I be quick enough online to get the tickets right when they went on sale? Would I lose my “Mother of the Year” title?? LOL– Luckily I was able to get the tickets and although I tried to surprise my daughter, I couldn’t and said, “We’re going to see 1D!!” After our screaming and jumping up and down together, I stopped and said, “You know it’s NEXT July 2013 right?” She didn’t mind and said she’s KNEW it’d be worth the wait! She was definitely right!!!

Just walking towards the SAP Center last night, you could feel the excitement from all the dedicated fans walking down Santa Clara Street in their homemade shirts and posters. They were all decked out and ready to let loose and party with their boys! If you were out at the show last night, no doubt you saw our 99.7 NOW tent set up right by the entrance and we had that spot jumpin! It was your chance to dance, get some prizes, or our limited edition 1D shirts and even take a picture of yourself with our 99.7 NOW vehicle wrapped with a huge picture of the guys we all came to see 1D!

We finally get inside the SAP Center and there are crowds of people at the souvenir stands so it was hard to walk thru. Just a tip if you’re going to the Oakland show tonight, buy your souvenirs from the merchandise stand outside so you don’t have to deal with the mob of people. They even had shirts that said San Jose in the front with a pic of 1D but it was sold out by the time we go there and my daughter wanted one. So if you are going to Oakland, look out for one that says Oakland on the front- it’s pretty cool.

Finding our seats with our nachos in hand, we sit down at exactly 7:15pm. Showtime was at 7:30, well at least that’s what the ticket said. LOL- I knew it would be happening any minute because usually when you go to a concert, people kinda take their time getting to their seats. Looking around at the crowd most of the seats were already filled before 7:30. While we waited the screens showed videos from Little Mix, 1D and even some commercials of the 1D school supplies line at Office Depot and accessories line at Claires. It made the time go quick checking it out. Then before you know it, the lights go out and there’s a loud roar of screams and the stage lights come on. It’s 7:40pm and the opening act, which was a pop band from Australia called, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER take the stage!!!

I have to admit that I only knew 2-3 of their songs, but by the time they were done, I knew I wanted to hear more and download some of their music when I got home. Apparently I’ve been missing out on the next big group because the audience sang along to every song and screamed every time the big screens zoomed in for a close up of one of the guys! LOL– They were cuties after all. Some of the songs they did were: Green Light, Heartbreak Girl, Superhero and a cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream.’ I liked that they did a cover because that’s kinda how they got started doing covers of other people’s songs and posting them on YouTube. All in all it was a pretty cool set and a perfect way to transition into waiting for who everyone came to see 1D. I know I’m missing a few more songs- so all the 5 Seconds Of Summer fans, let me know what I missed! After Luke, Ashton, Callum & Michael left the stage, the lights came on in the SAP Center and the waiting game began!

Before you knew it, it was 8:50 and the lights turn off again and the screams are so loud I thought from sure if there were window in a 5 mile radius for SURE they’d be busted! I hadn’t been to a show that loud in a while. You could feel the anticipation as fans grab their signs, put them in the air and they screamed and even some around me cried and they hadn’t even seen the guys yet. A video played on the big screens which was pretty cool and actually funny. It seemed to be a big hit. It showed a party invitation then zooms to a house party going on. Liam opens the door to the house where the party is at and the screams got louder, then they show Louis stage diving at the party while everyone in the house is dancing, the camera then zooms in on the DJ and it’s Zayn. Just when the screams wouldn’t be any louder, the camera finds Harry in one of the rooms in the house sitting alone in a velvet robe like jackets in a chair, think very Hugh Hefner like. The screams at that point were craaaaaaazy!! But there was still one more person and the camera goes to the pool where Niall dives in with his clothes on! That causes all the guys to dive into the pool too. Which you know where that leads to….. wet t-shirts ladies!! That was a crowd pleaser right there. LOL— Then all of a sudden as the crowd is screaming and jumping and going crazy just with the video… who we’ve been wait for over a year to see… ONE DIRECTION pop up on stage. Here are some of the songs they did and how the rest of the show went down….

1D Set List:
Up All Night–
Great song to start the night off with! The fans were up and I’m sure we wouldn’t have minded at all the be there all night!

I Would— My daughter loves this song, so hearing them do it live was cool. I usually hear the song being played in her room! LOL-

Heart Attack— The guys were all over the stage, interacting with the crowd between vocals and you could feel that this was going to be fun show! They were even each taking time to shout out California. A few times they said Oakland/San Jose. Niall said to the sold out crowd, “California, are you ready to have a good time?” Ummm excuse me but… YES!!!

More Than This— It was time to slow it down a bit and that was OK because Directioners were singing along with the guys every word, every step of the way.

Loved You First— This is one of my favs from them. I was singing along with my daughter to this one too. Fun moment! Then Harry said after the song was over, “We love California- thank you.” No, no, no…. thanks you Mr. Styles!! LOL

One Thing— The guys had so much energy on stage even with the slow songs, it was great to see that they came ready to give us a show. Plus you could tell they loved every minute of it! It was like they were super heroes and our screams were giving them extra life on stage! When they shouted “Sing It San Jose”- the Directioners did as they were told!

C’mon C’mon— You know how the song says, “Ooooh I’ve been watching you all night….”- No denying that all eyes were on them the whole night!! Then it was time for one of the many highlights of the night. The guys went on to a platform on stage that lifted into the air complete with mic stands and a bungee cord so that they had some extra safety because they were hovering over the crowd of adoring fans. I loved that they moved slow enough to take in the crowd and look around at all the signs and waving as they made their way to the back of the arena. It was definitely a photo opp not to be missed if you are going tonight to the Oakland show! Their hovering platform lowered them onto another smaller simple looking stage platform at the back of the arena. Soon as they touched down, unhooked themselves they were let loose on that smaller square stage to have fun and see the other Directioners in the building!

One Way Or Another— It was funny Louis tells the crowd, is it OK to do another song for you? Umm … yeaaaah! LOL- So the guys say, “We want to do, One Way Or Another.” The crowd soaks it all in and is jumping and singing with them. This is the point my cell phone battery was super low and I had to now remember the rest of the songs for you guys! So I know I missed something on this list… but I’ll just tell you what happened during the rest of the show!

While they were on the smaller stage, they did something really cool- they answered questions that Directioners Tweeted. They showed the Tweet on the big screen and tried to look for who actually sent it because it had their screen name on the big screen, but no luck- everyone in her section were saying they were that person! LOL- The question was for a Directioner who came from West Africa for the show and asked, “What was your weirdest dream that you ever had?” The guys laughed and each took turns answering. The responses ranged from dreaming of peeing in an awkward position (LOL), being chased by a Power Ranger, and a rat biting his toes! Crazy dreams right??

2nd question was: “If you could be Simon for a day, what would you do.” The guys loved this question they looked at each other like who’s going to answer first? LOL- The guys said they’d go buy shirts in every color BUT white, black & gray– that was too funny. Someone else said they’d take over every record label in the world. Imagine that, sounds pretty cool- better watch out Simon! LOL- Then it was time to get back to some music… then they broke into ‘Last First Kiss.”

After that they did some more songs like ‘Summer Love’ & ‘Back For You.’ But the big one everyone knows word for word and were waiting to hear was, “Little Things”- Before they did that song they asked for Directioners to pull their lights out, their cell phone lights and “light up this place.” That they did!! It made me think if the power goes out in this place and we have no electricity, we’d be safe because we could light up this spot easy!! LOL-
The guys were back on the big main stage and went into another crowd favorite their cover of, “Teenage Dirtbag”-
With them performing that song – the vibe took a rock turn and their live band that was in the background really showed their skills. The guitars sounded great during, “Rock Me.”

Now it was time to make some history with the guys of 1D…. San Jose was treated to being the first crowd on the tour to watch them perform, “Best Song Ever”– How crazy is that!!! The guys said this was the first time they’ve ever done it on stage and on this tour and admitted to being nervous doing it. Didn’t look nervous one bit to me! LOL- The crowd loved it and was another highlight of the night. I LOVE that song every time I play it on the radio so I was shocked that they haven’t been performing that one at all during the tour? Whatever the reason … I’m just happy they decided to do it in the BAY and especially while we were there in San Jose! So Oakland Directioners get ready tonight!

After that song they did “Kiss You” and at the end red and white streamers and confetti rained down on the crowd. What was really cool was that usually at shows you only see the confetti come down on the front rows only. This time it came down in the front, and even the back where the other smaller stage was in the arena. We even had confetti raining on us. My daughter immediately bent down to get some off the floor and put it in her pocket. I told her it doesn’t say 1D or anything it’s just plain. She said she didn’t care it’s still from them … Oh boy!!! But I get it … LOL-

Another thing that happened that was the guys popped up on stage at one point wearing SHARKS jersey’s with each of their names on the back. The sounds of the crowd were probably the loudest of the night at that point. They were showing the Bay and SJ some love and that meant a lot to the fans. Then some of the guys took it off and put it on the side. One of the guys said, “Now I know why they play hockey on ice, that thing is hot to wear.”— Too funny but it is true! LOL-

There was also a funny and cute video that played during the second part of the show on the big screens. It had everyone laughing. It showed the guys being playful and having fun on the streets. There was one part where 2 of the guys dressed as an older couple and took their sweet time walking across the street causing traffic to stop then when they got to the other side of the street they, they both took off running causing the drivers to think WTH!! Another clip showed the guys singing ‘W.M.Y.B’ on the street all in disguises and the people passing by looked confused wondering, is it or isn’t it 1D? Too funny— Another clip showed one of the 1D guys holding a sign saying, “FREE HUGS” trying to ask people for hugs and was getting weird looks because he was in a nerdy disguise  and had a mask on. One touching part was at the end of the video and one little girl stood there and just looked up at him holding his picket sign and went over to him and gave him a big hug. Everyone in the crowd said, “Awwwww”- then all of a sudden the disguise comes off and the kid looks kinda freaked out and confused because he’s peeling his mask off his face! All of a sudden it’s one of the guys! The kid is standing there with a huge priceless smile on her face and then he says something like, “come here and let me give you a proper cuddle now,”– You should’ve seen the look on her face as she hugged him even bigger than she did the first time when he was in disguise! That was a touching moment- I LOVED that video! I’m sure someone will record it and pop it up on YouTube at some point!

The guys took a minute to say thanks for coming out and buying tickets over a year ago and thanks for the last 3 years of their crazy journey and that they are happy to finally be in California again seeing their wonderful fans. I really appreciated that- I could tell they really meant it too- but there was still one more song to dance and sing along to before we’d say goodbye to the guys …

It was time for “What Makes You Beautiful”– the song that really made them and world wide household name. After that, it was time for them to go to every corner of the stage to wave bye say thanks again and then disappear under the stage. Then just like that, it was 10:50pm and the concert was over.

What a concert it was! From the stage set up with large screens that changed colors and designs with each song, the lasers, the confetti and steamers, the crowd being as awesome as we were….. you couldn’t get any better than see 1D in San Jose!! Well, Oakland— you are in for a heck of a concert tonight.

My tips for tonight: go early so you’re not rushing because you don’t want to miss 5 Seconds of Summer! Buy your souvenirs early if you can or from the outside booth, make sure your cell phone is FULLY charged so you’re not like me wanting to take pics and couldn’t! LOL- Another one I can share is be aware of the signs you bring with you. There was one girl in our section that made a HUUUUUGE sign and was holding it up for the first 10 minutes of the concert until someone from about 5 rows back came over tapped her on the shoulder and she didn’t do anymore. She kept it “chest-level” instead which was better for everyone around to be able to see. Just be courteous—- oh yeah and get ready to scream your head off, lose your voice, sing and dance all night—- but of course it’s all worth it. As the guys left one by one– the last guy said, “Thanks for a hella cool time.” Wow– I laughed, did he just really say “HELLA”— oh yeah they did their research for sure! You know the word “hella” is a Bay Area word! LOL—

I gotta say I left there more a fan that when I walked in. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see 1D in the Bay! I just hope I can get tickets when they do!!

What did you think of last nights’ show? What was your fav moment or performance?

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Check out some pics from last night here!

Performance pics from last night are here!

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