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Fernando and Greg’s Interview With Britney Spears (10.07.2013)

It’s Britney B*tch! Check out her interview with Fernando and Greg and get the inside scoop on her new Vegas show plus so much more!

Here’s the Q & A with F & G:

Fernando & Greg: Do you have a group of gays that you work with?

Britney Spears: A lot of my hair stylist and beauticians that I work with are gay. So I hang out with gays a lot. I just think they are absolutely thrilling and adorable and hilarious.

F & G: Did you have any idea that “It’s Britney B*tch” would be such a moniker?

BS: I just realized that I have a couple songs that have “b*tch” in it … so …

F & G: Do you say it when you call people?

BS: No I don’t

F & G: What are you working on for everyone in Las Vegas?

BS: I do have the opportunity with this show to bring more guns to the table since in one place I’m not touring and in a different venue every night. I’m able to really do a spectacular show and bring great set pieces and really different things. I just feel like all the shows in Vegas are really elaborate. The water shows in “O” and this kinda stuff. I’m going have to really step the bar up.

F & G: It’s got to come see you instead of traveling?

BS: Yes, it is way easier!

F & G: Can you believe all the controversy around Miley Cyrus?

BS: It really funny. She’s just really doing her thing. Just living and doing it for real.

F & G: Have you given her advice?

BS: I just told her to be true to herself and you know be nice. Just be true to herself basically.

F & G: What can we expect from the new album?

BS: It’s the most personal album that I’ve done. I have a couple of mid-tempo on it so it has a certain vibe to it. It’s a vibey album. It’s a just really different. It’s personal. I have a couple of personal songs that I wrote myself.

F & G: Are you doing collaborations on the album?

BS: You’ll have to see!

F & G: Are you going to live in Vegas during the show?

BS: Half and half. We’ll have to see what we want to do when we get there.

F & G: Are we going to see you in the school girl outfit that made you famous?

BS: No, I doubt it.

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