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Kanye West ‘Yeezus Tour’ San Jose Concert Review

(Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

(Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Kanye West, Yeezy, ‘Ye, Kan-yeezy, Yeezus… Whichever name you choose to call him by, one thing for sure is that he came to the Bay to leave an impression on his fans. Whether you love or hate him, there’s no denying that he can put on a stage show like no other! The ‘Yeezus Tour’ first stopped at the SAP Center in San Jose last night and is headed to Oracle Arena in Oakland tonight.

When I first heard that Kanye was coming, I KNEW I had to make sure I was there! Of course I also knew whatever stage show Kanye was going to give us, it was going to be larger than life, over the top and not to mention to one hell of a concert! And you know I was right on with that. Before I tell you about last nights’ concert, can we just talk about the opening act? OMG it was my man, one of my favorite artists, Kendrick Lamar!! What a great way to kick off the night than watching Kendrick roll through his hits flawlessly. Hearing him flow through so seamless was great to watch. My only complaint during his set was he came out in a plaid, hoodie vest type shirt and he kept his hood on most of the night. I wanted to see his face!! He looks too good to be hiding behind a hoodie all night. LOL— C’mon Kendrick, I know you wanna get in the zone, but some of US wanted to see your face at least. LOL–

So let me first tell you about Kendrick Lamars set. Let me not forget to tell you first that he even had a live band playing along during his set. I loved it. Just to help out those going to Oakland tonight, get there on time please. You don’t want to miss any part of his set! I was surprised that the concert started at 7:35pm. When the lights went out. I thought where’s everyone at?? There were still so many seats open, but I had seen lots of people outside the arena and at the beer and souvenir stand! I felt like I should’ve went outside and said, “Get inside already, Kendrick is on! The show is starting now people!” LOL— I didn’t of course. I guess you can’t blame people for taking there time getting inside. Usually concerts don’t start on time so people get into the habit of taking there time, leave late and know when they get there they’re still waiting for the show to start. NOT THIS TIME!!! So leave early, give yourself time to be stuck in that 880 Nimitz traffic so you don’t miss out tonight.

I have to admit, when I saw Kendrick come out in his plaid, hoody shirt before he even said a word, I thought, “Is that Clyde Carson opening up before Kendrick?” I was still surprised the show was early I guess. LOL– But soon as the 3 big screens on the stage lit up with images of L.A. in the background, I knew it was my man!! I was so in the moment of watching him live for the first time ever, I can’t remember in the exact order of what songs he did. But, here are some of the highligts that I can remember:


Money Trees

Swimming Pools– Everyone was vibing to this track and had made it to their seats!

F****** Problems– YES!!! I was wondering if he would do this song and was happy he did the whole track, all the verses. Everyone was on their feet rapping along with him on this one!

Just whe you thought Kendricks set was on fire already a special guest came from behind the stage and walked towards the second stage Kendrick was on. Guess who it was??? No other than the Ambassador of the Bay, Uncle Earl, 40 water, E-40!!!! The crowd went bananas and camera phones were flashing away like nothing I had seen so far that night. So what song would they do together?

Function– Always great to see E-40 get love from the artists that aren’t from the Bay too. Kendrick has mentioned E-40 not only in interviews but in his music as well as one of his influences. He even said to E-40 while he stood there after they just performed that E-40 was an artist he used to listen and learn from as a kid, so it was an honor to share the stage with him. The 2 rap superstars hugged it out and did ONE more track.

B****– I was hoping Too $hort was going to join them, but no luck- but it was still great watching them both run through the song. Then as quickly as 40 came out, he was gone after their 2 tracks. After that crowd-pleasing moment set the bar for the rest of Kendrick’s set.

B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe– Yes I knew this one word for word so I had fun doing it with Kendrick from my seat too! LOL– yes, I can hold my own with the hip-hop as much as with all the Disney songs I know thanks to my babies. LOL-

Poetic Justice– One of my favorites from Kendrick and loved that everyone was excited to hear it too.

Then he went into a song that I like to think was catered to me…

Hail Mary– Yes, the Tupac classic!!! Everyone was up out of their seats and rapping along, “Do you wanna ride or die la da da da da da.” I LOVED it!!

‘M.A.A.D. City’– I think this was the only glitch in his set. He was doing this one (I think) and his mic cut out for a verse or so. You heard the backing track and you can hear him a little bit but Kendrick kept going! He didn’t miss a beat! True professional!

Kendrick ended his time on stage with a freestyle that was just him. No band, no background music that had everyone attention. He was getting deep on his verses. I felt like I was at a slam session. I didn’t know whether to clap or do the snaps. I loved it though! If you’re going tonight, get there early and get ready to party with Kendrick and who know maybe some surprise guests too!!!

Now it’s time to tell you about Kanye’s stage show! Lights went out at 9:03pm and right away you can feel like we are in for a show like no other. The stage was set up with 2 seperate stages seperated by a catwalk connecting them together. The stage looked like a big iceberg or being the huge Disneyland fan that I am, I thought of the Matterhorn ride! Imagine that on stage! The smaller of the stages looked like a floating iceberg in the shape of a triangle. That smaller stage would rise up, and even bounce up and down at times as Kanye jumped on it. Very cool.

The first thing you see isn’t Kanye walking out, but 12 ladies wearing long white robes and what looked like nylons over their heads. It was kinda eerie. The background music was haunting. I noticed there was no big screens like you see at other shows I’d been too…. at least not yet. The screen would make an apperance later though. The ladies got into their strategic positions and Kanye walked out ready to do work! He took off his jacket and the spotlight lit him up and you realize he’s wearing a mask as only Yeezus could pull off. Here’s the set list I came up with. I didn’t get everything so feel free to fill in my blanks- I was having too much fun or taking a moment to figure out what I was watching on that stage to remember them all! So here we go….

On Sight Great song to start the night with!

New Slave

Send It Up

Mercy– I have to say by this time, you could tell who hadn’t really heard the latest album. But everyone seemed to know this one of course. It’s one of my many favorites of the night! Plus it’s a track I play over and over on my iPod when I’m working out.

Remember how I had said that I was curious why there were no big screens? This is where a round screen appeared over the icy looking mountain on the big stage. The first thing on the screen was the definition of “rising”- with a female voice reading it. That lead into his next part of the set.


Cold As Ice

I Don’t Like

I’m A God– On the screen it zoomed in on Kanye’s mask. Yes he wore different masks for almost the WHOLE show!! You could see it was a black mesh with what looked like black diamonds and red rubies or rhinestone looking. The ladies who wore long white robes earlier in the night, were now in nude nylon suits. It looked like they were completly nude, but of course they weren’t. Their faces were still covered too. Kinda freaky.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing– So happy to hear that one. Another track I know word for word and the whole San Jose crowd was going along with Kanye, “La la la la wait till I get my money right…” Such a fun performance. But it was time to get a lil serious.

Kanye sat down on the stage and talked about how when he was traveling to London because of the success of the ‘Graduation’ album, he found out that his Mom had passed. He thought he was on top of the world, nothing could touch him so he thought. He said he questioned the world and how it works. He questioned his faith. When he said that, then the whole show that I had just seen so far finally made sense to me. I now understood how the rest of the night was going to go. He then did another track that seemed to really touch him. Again I’m guessing since he had a mask on and you couldn’t see his face.

Coldest Winter– It was a nice way to see him do a tribute to his mom.

After that song, the stage lifts up high into the air and then the creature with red eyes that were lit up comes crawling all over the small triangle iceberg stage. Then the creature disappears.

I’m In It– This part of the show had those nude looking ladies dancing all over the floor and then later on started rubbing up on Kanye. I looked over at my husband and we both said, “Where’s Kim?”- LOL– Then it was like I was watching the cover to his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album cover come to life. LOL–

Heartless– The crowd loved this one especially since it broke up all the craziness with those ladies rolling around on stage.

Blood On The Leaves– Kanye brought out the fire on this one literally, explosions went off on beat to the track. It looked cool-

After that performance, the big iceberg mountain on stage started to break apart. In between that the ladies in their white robes again carrying religious items like candles, insense holders, statues and a cross. I guess we were getting set up to go to church, get ready!

Runaway– Great to see him perform this and the crowd loved it just as much. Everyone was excited to sing along, “So I think it’s time for us to have a toast to the douch bags, a toast to the a*******, a toast for the scumbags. Everyone of them I know…” It was more toned down than what we had seen so far. He wasn’t jumping around or going stage to stage, so it was cool to just see him up there with a mic, but still with a now another different mask on now.

I Wonder– So glad he did this track! I was happily surprised!!

Hey Mama

Stronger– This was cool visually to watch. Yet another mask was unveiled on Kanye and it was super shiny and lit up the stage like a light show everytime he stood in the way of the green and blue lasers. Very cool!

Through The Wire– I was hoping to hear it, and I’m glad he took it back to the beginning.

Then all of a sudden a man dressed in a white long robe comes out and walks slowly towards Kanye. The crowd is fixed on the 2 men. Was it who we think it is? Is this really happening? He’s brought Jesus on tour with him?? LOL– Then Kanye says something like, “Is it you white Jesus?” It was hard to make it out cuz the crowd was so loud. Just as I was waiting to hear Jesus and Yeezus have their big converstation… Jesus’ microphone wasn’t nearly as loud and I couldn’t hear a thing. Go figure- Jesus had a soft voice. I could make out bits and pieces though. Then all of a sudden Kanye gets on his knees like in church and it’s as if he’s praying. Then just as slowly as he walked out, Jesus left the stage. Only to make a reapperance at the top of the huge iceberg to watch over the next performance. You can guess what was next….

Jesus Walks– My all time favorite track from Kanye. It was amazing to see him perform it and everyone bouncing their heads or hands along with him and all under the watchful eye of Jesus. Very surreal- but I say the high point of the show. After that performance more of the crowd friendly hits started coming out back to back. And at this point, the mask finally came off and we were able to see his face! It was as if symbolically Kanye was finally free and ready to let loose and play the party tracks!

Flashing Lights– Loved this one too!

All Of The Lights– The ladies were back out on stage but positioned along the iceberg holding these big red thick flare like fire-sticks. It looked cool-

I could tell the show was about to end but not before Kanye wanted to do, “a shout out to the birthday girl, my love, my fiance’ sitting back there.” Kanye pointed to the VIP seating section behind the sound booth and sure enough- there was Kim Kardashian. Such a cute moment. It was an awwww moment. If you’re going tonight, look in that area you might spot Kim and family.

Then Kanye just walked to the back and off the stage. No goodbye, no see you tomorrow in Oakland, no thanks for coming and the arena lights went on and people started leaving. It was over just like that. No ‘Golddigger’, no ‘Good Life’, no ‘All Falls Down’ — now I know you’re thinking, “come on Mary he can’t do ALL his songs?” I was surprised that he didn’t touch those huge chart topping hits. Why not Yeezus??

I was glad to hear stuff from the new album too though. I’m just an all around Kanye fan. I like that he’s different than any other artist. He doesn’t care what people say, or think of him. Sure he gets a bad rep, but you can’t deny his musical talent and smart business sense. It might as well be as large as his ego! But he can back it up— He took thousands of people through his life journey for a few hours last night and maybe even some to church in a way with all the religiousness of the show who might not have been in awhile.

We witnessed his journey, as rough as it has been last night on that stage. So for those of you going to Oakland tonight get ready for the ride. Get ready to see somethings that will confuse you, make you smile, laugh and finally understand why he’s the way he is. LOL- Either way, get ready to party with Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, maybe Kim Kardashian again, Kendrick Lamar’s special guest…hint hint…and yes even Jesus!! C’mon you can’t beat that!

What did you think of the concert last night? What were your favorite moments? Let me know! Share your thoughts– Follow me on Twitter @MaryDiaz997, & Instagram: @MaryDiazOnAir

Here are some pics from the show last night incase you missed it or want to relive it again!

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