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Mel B Talks Spice Girls Reunion, ‘America’s Got Talent’ And More With Fernando And Greg!

melb4x3 01 Mel B Talks Spice Girls Reunion, Americas Got Talent And More With Fernando And Greg!

By any measure, Mel B – AKA Scary Spice – has had a huge career. She has sold over 80 million records as part of the Spice Girls while competing on “Dancing With The Stars” and judging Australian versions of “The X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent.” The English pop and television star stopped in San Francisco to chat with Fernando and Greg about her new single and life post-Spice Girls.

Mel professed that there was never a letdown after the huge success of the Spice Girls. The reason was that she and her band mates always saw the Spice Girls as an on going project.

“We kind of set our own rules. So we knew that after this tour we were going to take a break… we’re gonna have six months off,” explained Mel B. “Eventually we were all going to do our own thing.”

The versatile performer went straight from “Dancing With The Stars” to working with the rest of the Spice Girls on their reunion for the 2102 London Olympics. A reunion that much like before will not mark the end of her work as Scary Spice.

“I’m sure we’re going to be doing more stuff in the future,” Revealed Mel B. “When that is going to happen, I have no idea.”

The biggest obstacle for the five stars is finding the time to record, rehearse, and tour while balancing their personal lives and still-thriving careers.

“Emma got her radio show in the UK. Geri (is) over in Sydney doing ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. Mel C. just released a single. Victoria obviously got her great fashion show. We’re all kind of all over the place, but we all manage to link up. And we’re still friends, which is nice.”

Mel B’s lips were sealed when it came to the most famous spouse in the Spice World – namely David and Victoria Beckham’s love life.

“Obviously she has told me [about David in bed]. But she would kill me,” Mel deflected. “I can’t do that to my homegirl.”

She also reflected on the wild times that the girls had at the height of their popularity.

“Thank God, it is not like the press intensity that it is now. Back then, we would have been in a lot of trouble; at least I would have been in a lot of trouble anyway.”

You can see Mel B on the Miss Universe Pageant and judging America’s Got Talent. Click here to watch her new video for “For Once In My Life”.

— Bradford Hornsby, 99.7 [NOW!]/San Francisco

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