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Selena Gomez & Emblem3 San Jose Concert Review

It’s been almost two years since Selena Gomez has performed in San Jose. She definitely didn’t disappoint her fans tonight who’ve been waiting for her since we last brought her to the Bay for our Triple Ho Show 2012! Selena didn’t come alone though. As she tours the country on her ‘Stars Dance’ Tour, she’s bringing some artists that young fans know very well. Sharing the tour line-up with Selena is YouTube star Christina Grimmie and the super popular boys trio who melted our hearts on X-Factor, Emblem3.

Just driving up to the SAP Center in San Jose. You saw lots of people walking up to the arena. I couldn’t help but notice there were lots of parents bringing their kids out for the concert. It was like the concert was a family outing. Kinda of like a let’s go to dinner and then to see Selena Gomez kinda vibe- LOL. I LOVED that FAMILIES were out last night together. I had my daughter with me! I mean really, with all the bad press former Disney star Miley Cyrus has gotten over the last few months, Selena is a safe bet for parents. Now I’m not knocking Miley, I love her too, and I think she’s a super savy business woman who knows how to get people talking about her… but Selena is just different. That’s why so many of her fans, called Selenators, LOVE her like they do.

Now let me tell you how the show went. On our tickets it listed 7pm as the start time. It felt odd to since most shows say 7:30pm and then actually don’t start till 8:15pm– but not this tour. Soon as the clock said 7pm, lights went out and you could hear the collective screams get louder and louder.

The first artist up for the night was Christina Grimmie! You might not recognize her name, but chances are you’ve watched her on YouTube doing covers from Demi Lovato, David Guetta & even Nelly’s ‘Just A Dream’ that’s logged over 71 million views alone! Definitely cool to see her sharing a big tour and getting more fans to know who she is along the way as they travel. Christina did mentinon as she chatted with the San Jose crowd that it was in fact Selena who invited her on tour and how it’s been a dream come true! Christina even poked fun at herself after she performed her first song saying, “I’m sure you’re like saying to yourself, ‘who’s this chick, she’s so random, why is she up there by herself on stage…’– LOL she then said, let me introduce myself, I’m Christina Grimmie. After that you heard a growing crowd applaud louder and louder showing her love. Christina’s set had about 5 songs that she performed. She sounded great live! Make sure you check out her new album called ‘With Love’ that’s now out on iTunes. Plus, make sure to follow her @TheRealGrimmie on Twitter!

Now on to the fellas…. Emblem3!! Who would’be thought the three guys who we watched win over Simon Cowell on X-Factor would be doing so well. Ok, can I raise my hand here… If Simon likes them, you know he’s on to something. Shall I remind you he’s also behind the other popular boy band, One Direction?? But, really, how can you NOT love these guys. Their style, sound is hard to pin point. It’s a little pop, mixed with hints of rock and a lot of reggae influence is heard in their sound. I LOVE it– hard to think we’ve only just met these guys through the magic of tv, but they have been a unit forever. Two of the guys are brothers (Wesley & Keaton) and then their friend Drew rounds them out. You can tell they all still have great chemistry on stage. They looked like they were having the time of their life up there. Even times during the show, each guy just looked out at the crowd with a huge smile on their face, taking it all in. Feeling the love the Bay has for Emblem3! Their stage set up was simple, but cool. They had a huge backdrop on stage that just simply had some palm trees and their name: Emblem3 on the back. I loved that they had a live band behind them jamming with then for the show. Soon as the lights went out, a huge box with their logo on it, opened up and the guys walked out to lots of flashing camera phones and LOUD screaming fans.

Here are the songs they did last night in San Jose:

Girl Next Door



3,000 Miles

Just For One Day

Diamonds (Rihanna Cover): I LOVED their version of Rihanna’s song- definitely added a lil island flair to it. It would’ve made RiRi proud!

Sunset Boulevard: So happy they did this one from their album, it’s one of my favs! After this song the guys took a moment to say thanks to Selena Gomez for allowing them to be part of her tour and what an honor it has been already to be traveling with her. It was a cute aww moment which led to their first HUGE hit…

Chloe: Yeeeah this one everyone was on their feet for and singing along with the guys one last time of stage!

What a great set, I actually wanted more! But, we needed to get ready for the woman we’ve been waiting all night for… Ms. Selena Gomez!

Soon as the guys were off stage and the lights were on, the stage crew started taking down the E3 stage and getting ready for Selena’s. The crowd started cheering when they’d see her set start coming alive! There were actually two stages, the main traditional stage, and then an “S” shape stage that later during the show, we’d see the center of the “S” light up to show a letter “G”– very cool. I was just happy there were 3 big screens to see everything! They would definitely come in handy as a big part of the show was watching a video to follow along with the meaning of the show. There was even a video played that I hadn’t seen before. It was for her new collabo with Adidas Neo. Here’s part of it that I found of YouTube…

After that was done, it wasn’t long before the lights went out at the arena and the screams started. The big screens showed a video of stars in space and then zoomed onto the planet Earth, then to feeling like you’re flying through clouds. Next up was a tree lined street where inside was a sleeping Selena with her head down on a star gazer map on her desk. She wakes up, looks around… all while the camera phones are out and ready to go! The screams were crazy loud for Emblem3 but seem to get even louder by the second. Then all of a sudden Selena appears in while. She’s wearing a white sports bra type top and shorts with this white flowy fabric wrapped around her waist. She looked beautiful and ready for a fun night in the Bay!

Then as Selena walks down the stairs leading to the stage she says, “Hello San Jose… are you ready to have fun with me tonight!”– we were definitely ready! Here’s a list of songs she performed last night. If you were there, feel free to help me fill in the blanks! Here you go…

Bang Bang Bang— Selena was working that stage and had a full band with back-up singers and everything to help her out!

Round & Round— Selena had us feeling like we were at an EDM show with the lasers and graphics on the screens and the beats, this song was sped up and sounded great. Perfect way to set the energy for the night!

Like A Champion— This was fun song to watch Selena do, she brought the reggae to the stage with this one. You nailed the moves and it was a fun song

B.E.A.T.— This song is one of my favs from her new album! After she does that one, she disappears and then the video screens are back we on. We are now back in Selena’s dream sequence. This time she opens a door that brings her into a room with an old school movie projector and then she pops up on stage in a dark purple sparkly outfit.

Stars Dance— Title song from the album and clearly one of her favorites to perform!

Write Your Name— Another track my daughter and I both liked from the album. Plus it was cool to see Selena’s signature come up on the big screens to go along with the beat and the lyric. Lol-

Birthday Song— Selena stopped to say, “You know I just celebrated my 21st birthday this year and I made a video for you guys, hope you liked it.” So of course we knew she was going to go into this song! Shot of her birthday video played in the background. But that wasn’t all… she actually mixed it up by doing a Rihanna cover of “Cake”– I was like “wow- clever Sel, very clever!” San Jose was feeling it!!

Roar— Why wouldn’t Selena cover the biggest song in the country right now! Katy Perry would be proud! Everyone was on their feet and signing and dancing to this one. It was so cool to see.

Love You Like A Love Song— I forgot about this song, since I hadn’t heard it in awhile. So I was so happy she performed it! After that it was time for another video journey. This time Selena walks thru a door that has a box with a bow on it. She opens it to reveal a microphone with her name in rhinestones. Then the screens show a pic on the red carpet. Remember when she first showed up as Justin Bieber’s date at some award show and she wore a red dress? That’s what was up on the screen with words scrolling across it. Words like, “Rumors, dating, break-up, heart broken, etc.” I was thinking at this point, is she going to say something about Justin?

Love Will Remember— Selena is on stage in a long black dress. Very classy- she says, “You know in life, you can’t help who you fall in love with. This is what I have to say about it.” A collective “awwww” could be heard through the thousands of fans. She sang the heck out of that song. Why can’t Justin and Selena just get back together. I haven’t been so bummed about a breakup since Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens! But hopefully they’ll work it out soon. Between Justin’s broken hearted love songs and Selena’s they’d even make their third wheel Taylor Swift say, “Ok guys, just work it out already! Geez”–LOL

Dream— This was a cover of a song she wanted to do. She said this song always gives her peace when she feels like she’s being pulled into a million different directions.

Who Says— The crowd was loving this one. This is where she goes into her comments that have been making it’s way on YouTube from the first night of the tour. People call it the portion that she “disses” Miley. She doesn’t mention Miley at all for the record… she just said on stage that in her career, people have told her that she’s not pretty enough, not sexy enough, and her response to that is, “You know what the sexiest thing is… CLASS!” Then she starts singing ‘Who Says’– well played Selena AND well said Selena. Then after the song, back to the video screens. This time shows Selena walking in an alley with music from a club playing some rock sounding music

Whiplash— This is where ropes came down from the top of the stage and Selena and her female dancers grabbed them and started doing some dance moves with them, it was cool. People just kinda watched the performance trying to see what was she going to do with those ropes- LOL the next song got a bigger reaction than that song.

Naturally— I used to love this song, so I was happy to see it make her set list! Then she said, “Thank you San Jose” and waved bye. Was that it?? Nope she still had more to do!

Come & Get It— Everyone who was leaving thinking that the concert was over, quickly came back to their seats after the chants of “SEL-EN-A, SEL-EN-A!” It worked, she came out for more hits! Everyone was on their feet! Loved watching her and the dancers bring a lil Bollywood to the stage.

Slow Down— The big finale of the night! Complete with red streamers falling out of the main stage and towards the back of the area, gold confetti. That confetti kept coming longer than any show I’ve been to recently. LOL- the people who were sitting near those confetti cannons can agree on that!

And just as quick as the show started… it was over! What a show! From Christina Grimmie setting the tone of the night with her spunky vocals, Emblem3 bringing the fun vibe and then Selena coming to show her fans how much she loves and appreciates them. It was obvious to the parents in the crowd why their kids LOVE Selena. She had even mentioned it during the show that it means a lot that her fans are by her side through everything and that parents trust her to be a role model for their kids. Selena is a true testament to how a pop star who is grounded, in touch with reality and still keeping it like she says, “classy” shoud be. Very refreshing! Classy doesn’t mean boring ladies… take a page from Selena’s book!

Oh and one more thing! Those of you who follow Selena on IG know after the shows she takes pics with her fans outside the arena. Well my daughter was set on trying to get in on a pic. She’s pretty tall and wanted to give it a shot. We waited near the area and we got to see her snap a few pics. Not sure if she made her IG but my pics were a blur cuz everyone was pushing. So heads up to those going to do the same at the future shows… be nice, no pushing the little kids and good luck! LOL-

My daughter and I had a blast at the concert! What did you think of the show? What were your highlights? Tell me about it! Follow me on Twitter @marydiaz997, Instagram @MaryDiazOnAir or

Check out our pics from last night’s show here! Tag us in your pics you took, #Selena997

Check back to see the interviews Strawberry did with Emblem3 and Selena Gomez too!

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