Deyzha Mondares’ Super Fresh 13th Birthday Bash With Make A Wish Foundation!!

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Deyzha Mondares & Freska

Deyzha Mondares & Freska

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On Friday, the Bay and literally the WORLD was captivated by a little boy named Miles. He will lovingly AND forever be simply known as “Batkid.” Just 2 days ago, your time-lines were filled with #batkid or pictures of him and Batman saving the city! As cute and touching of that day was, it’s also sad to know all the pain and health issues that cute little 5 year old Miles, has had to deal with already in his life. NO child should EVER have to be in pain or go through so much.

As the Bay and world all said, “Awwww” after seeing Batkid’s huge smile as his wish was granted, the whole planning process had to start somewhere. That’s where the ‘MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION’ steps in. They do so much to bring smiles to kids who are or were at one point, fighting for their lives. There are definitley angels who work there. So that brings me to tell you about another SUPER special kid who just had her WISH granted last night too!!

Her name is Deyzha Mondares, she’s now 13 years old, is from Vallejo. She was devastatingly diagnosed with chilhood brain cancer just earlier this year. Being a Mom of two girls myself, I can’t imagine all that Deyzha and her family had to face. After Deyzha’s shocking diagnosis, she then faced 4 months of chemo on top of 30 radiation treatments. If that wasn’t enough, she also had to go through the ordeal of several surgeries. It’s heartbreaking to know how much she had to go through. Amazingly, and with God’s grace, she pulled through as tough as she is. Conquring cancer was the ONLY option that Deyzha and her family was focused on!

So when the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION heard about Deyzha, they asked her the all important question: What’s your wish? Deyzha had a lot of thinking to do. What would she pick? She first chose to meet her favorite football player, Colin Kapernick from the 49ers… but changed her mind. She stared thinking bigger than that (no offense Kap- LOL)… Deyzha thought… how about a party!! Not just ANY old party, but a birthday party of all parties! The party of the YEAR!!! All in honor of the beautiful, spirited & strong Deyzha~

Our girl definitely knows what she wants! I love it– She told the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION that she wanted a HUGE 13th birthday party instead. She wanted to do something where she could come together with everyone who’s supported her and her family through this cancer journey from day one! What a heart she has….even when she’s the one that is supposed to be honored, she wanted to turn the tables and show her love and appreciation. A very humble and gracious gesture on her part. So who did she want at her big birthday bash? None other than my boys LEGACI & SUMMER BREEZE!!!

If you don’t know who LEGACI is… what rock have you been hiding under?! LOL– Those are my boys!! I love them and you can check out their YouTube videos anytime like MILLIONS of others have! I remember being so happy to see them with Justin Bieber. Turns out Justin saw them on YouTube and loved them so much, he made them part of his background singers for his World tour. SUMMER BREEZE is amazing too!! He is the official guitarist for the fellas and has his own huge following.

Being that Deyzha LOVES Legaci & Summer Breeze, they were invited to her party as her special guest performers. How cool was that!! But every great party needs an excellent host, someone to keep the party going all night… so Deyzha’s favorite radio personality, our very own Freska was the MC for the evening. Deyzha & Freska are both cancer survivors!

Freska herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago and has to deal with a lot since then. I’ve seen her go through it all. From first finding out after her self exam and then going through different doctors for that second and third opinion. My heart broke watching her go through it all. She’d show me how she’d run her fingers through her hair, and having big chunks left in her hand. Then came the decision to shave her head. Her hair might have been gone, but not her spirit or her willingness to kick cancer’s ass!! She’s always been so strong, not only because of her martial arts background– but because nothing has ever come easy for her– and over the last 15 years I’ve known her, she’s always come out on top like a champ. I already knew that she’d be a survivor and beat this… and she HAS! God is good~

So it’s that spirit that draws Deyzha and Freska together in this sisterhood. It’s a bond that I’m sure it wasn’t their first choice and go through all the pain and tribulations of having to both fight cancer so agressively. But, there’s no denying that they will both be a part of each other’s lives for years to come. After all there will be many more birthdays and accomplishments to celebrate for years to come. Like Deyzha making HONOR ROLL even as she went through this cancer fight!! Way to go girl—

Deyzha has so much to look forward to… so much to get ready for in being a 13 year old girl with the world in front of her. This is only the beginning of many beautiful moments that I can’t wait to hear all about! I even heard from a lil birdie that the Warrios have asked Dayzha to come back and dance for them at a game in December!! She used to be a Junior Warrior dance member before her diagnosis, so I love that the Warriors are even looking out for her and giving her a chance to do her thang!! Go on Deyzha– let me know which game so I can be there to cheer you on! I know you’ll rock that court!!

And after watching the events unfold on Friday and last night for 2 special kids… it’s great to know people are trying to put smiles on kids faces. Luckily, there are awesome support systems outside of family & friends that kids and their parents can count on. One of the biggest ones that we saw this weekend being the ‘MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION’–

Chances are you’ve heard of them, seen their fundraiser drives but maybe didn’t really know what they do, well now after this weekend…. now you do. They are an amazing group of people who come together to organize events and special moments for kids who are battling life threatening diseases. They grant wishes for kids in the U.S. and abroad every 48 seconds! How crazy is that! The wishes might be just for the kids, but parents, their families, support teams and community volunteers all benefit from helping a wish come true and seeing joy in the eyes of a child who’s been suffering.

Thank you MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION for honoring Deyzha Mondares… thank you for all your work, compassion and dedication!!

Here’s the link to make a donation of money, airline miles- so many ways to help other kids through MAKE A WISH here!

Here’s some pics from the party last night:
d01 Deyzha Mondares Super Fresh 13th Birthday Bash With Make A Wish Foundation!!

d03 Deyzha Mondares Super Fresh 13th Birthday Bash With Make A Wish Foundation!!

Deyzha Mondares & Freska

Deyzha Mondares & Freska

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