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Jay-Z ‘Magna Carta Tour’- San Jose Concert Review & Set List

It was just this past July that Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake shared the stage at Candlestick Park on their ‘Legends Of Summer Tour.’ I was lucky enough to have been there that night to witness the magic that show brought to the Bay. Being a HUGE Jay-Z fan, I figured when I drove away from that concert, that I wouldn’t be seeing him in the Bay on tour for awhile. I’m so happy I was wrong!

I had people telling me, “Jay-Z can’t handle a show on his own anymore… Hov needs Kanye or J.T.  to put on a good set.” I knew in my heart those crazy people were WRONG— Last night’s show at the SAP Center in San Jose would shut those people up for good! So let me tell you about it….

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but after getting there just before 7:30pm and seeing the arena still near empty, I knew it was going to be a bit of a wait. LOL- Then before you know, a DJ that was set up starts playing songs to get the crowd ready and then you see people start heading to their seats. He played a little of everything- but it was the Bay classics that had people on their feet already dancing. Before you knew it, the SAP Center was filling up so I knew it was getting closer and closer to starting. I was starting to feel even more nervous than I was before. It’s kinda hard to explain. LOL- Anytime I go to a PRINCE concert or to see JAY-Z, I just get where I can’t sleep a night or two before. I just feel nervous. It’s not like Jay-Z was going to call me up on stage to help him do a verse or anything. Although I totally could’ve pulled it off! LOL- I just love me some Jay-Z and have been a fan since the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album. Yes, I am so hip-hop!

His music has been to soundtrack to my life. All the good, the bad, the lessons I’ve learned growing up all ties into a Jay-Z song here and there. So sitting there looking at the big empty black stage set up- I guess that’s why I had that nervous, excited feeling for the last few days that magnified as show time grew closer! Speaking of the stage, there weren’t any crazy props like Kanye’s show a few weeks ago. There were a few platforms, big screens and lots of speakers.

It was now 9:15pm and the DJ’s music cuts out and the lights go out. I already could feel a lump in my throat- Am I really going to cry? I ALWAYS cry at Prince & Jay-Z shows so yes…. the tears were stacking up in my eyes. Then right from the middle of the stage, Jay-Z comes walking out. No opening act, just my man ready to go! He was looking relaxed, confident, ready to put in some work for us tonight. We were all in the presence of a legend. Whether you’re not a fan, a die-hard fan like me or never heard of him until he did some songs with Justin Timberlake… there’s no denying his talent! So this is the part of my review where I give you the set-list I came up with from the show so if you missed the show, or want to re-live it again we can go through it all together. I was so into the show I might have missed something so help me fill in the blanks!  Here ya go…..

Higher- What a way to kick off the night!! The energy from the packed arena was insane! Soon as he took the stage, everyone rose to their feet and threw their hands in the air to make a diamond to welcome Hov to the Bay. It was PARTY time!!

F.U.T.W.-   I love this song on the ‘Magna Carta, Holy Grail’ album! I could tell we were in for some fun and for a night to remember! After the track was over Hov said, “Last time I was in the Bay, I had the best show of my life. You guys ready to do it again?” That’s where I was like, “Whooooooo- YES!”

You Don’t Know- It was at this point that I realized Timbaland was there! I was transixed on Hov that I kinda didn’t look anywhere else! Great to see him on stage on a lil platform taking care of the beats for the night. Also on stage were a 3 other guys. One played the drums, the other did guitar and then there was a guy on keyboards. So cool to see a band with on stage.

Crown- Soon as I heard the opening line, “You in the presence of a king, scratch that in the presence of a God….” That’s where I had to throw my diamond up! I loved it!! At the end Jay says to the crowd, “We just getting started…. I promise you, we’re just getting started!” It gave me goose bumps.

On To The Next One- This song has gotten me through many hard workouts on my ipod! This is my song— ok, you’ll see that they pretty much are ALL my songs!! It’s another track I know word for word! LOL-

Holy Grail- All of sudden everyone was dancing and screaming their heads off when you hear Justin Timberlake come on and you know it’s time to sing along. “You’d take the clothes off my back, and I let you… You’d steal the food right out my mouth and I’d watch you eat it. I still don’t know why, why I love you sooo much….” Everyone sang along to this one!! Great moment!!

F***withmeyouknowIgotit- That track from the MC/HG album is MY SONG!!!! I LOVE IT – So I was trying to help out Jay incase he needed to take a break and did the whole song word for word with him! LOL-

Beach Is Better- I just love when Jay says Beyonce’s name on a song- so this was cool to see him perform. I kept thinking she’s going to walk out! LOL- no luck though- After the song he says to the crowd, “I think we at an 8 tonight, let’s take it to another level in here.” OMG— I knew that meant it was time to get into a few of the classics!!! Goosebump time for me!

99 Problems- This is MY SONG!!!! When I saw him perform this one at Candlestick in July, JT was the one who did the police officer lines in the song. You know the part of that song where a cop pulls over Jay and says, “Son, do you know why I’m stopping you for?”— I’m sure you can hear it in your head now~ LOL- yeah, it’s another song I know by heart!

Blow The Whistle- Jay-Z knows how to get on the crowds good side! He had to do something from the Bay!! Glad he show some love by doing this Too $hort Bay classic.

Picasso- It was time to get back to the tracks on the new MC/HG album and this was a great one to keep the crowd on it’s feet and hyped!

Dead Presidents 2- Jay took a moment to say, “Who’s been down with me since day 1… my ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album?” That’s where my hand shot straight up! LOL– Loved that he took it back to where it all started!

Tom Ford- This one had the crowd vibing with the whole song and helping Hov out with the verses, “Coming up, coming down… Riding clean, Fix your head in my crown.. Bad B****, H-Town- Keep it trill ya’ll know ya can’t f*** around….” Everyone had their bounce on to this one too– so great to see the reaction to this one! After it was done, Jay leaves and it’s Timbaland’s time in the spotlight. Timbo goes thru his catalog of hits he was behind and takes people down memory lane. He teased with tracks from Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine & Justin Timberlake and then finally his song on his new album.  Then my man comes back on stage after a wardrobe change. He was gone for 15 minutes or so, but he only changed his t-shirt and some more gold chains- so my cousin and friends were laughing about that.  No costumes for Hov!

Somewhere In America- This is the track on the new MC/HG album that he shouts out Miley Cyrus. He says, “Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking…Twerk, twerk, twerk, Miley Miley Miley! Too funny!

Big Pimpin’- Soon as you hear the opening of the song- you just saw everyone going crazy- it was time to take it back!!

Jigga What, Jigga Who- Another classic– Since Amil wasn’t there to do the hook, I handled it for her! LOL-

Dirt Off Your Shoulders- Everyone was dusting their shoulders off and throwing their diamons up for this one! Then Jay-Z says, “I got a million of these!!” Exactly… so many hits, so many crowd favs– what was next?? My ALL TIME favorite…

I Just Want To Love You- “I’m a hustler baby, I just want you to know. That it ain’t where I’ve been but where I’m about to go. Now I just wanna love you, but be who I am. With all this cash, you’ll forget your man. Now give it to me…” Ahhhhhh— I lost my mind on this one!!! ALways AMAZING to see this one live!! Then Jay at the end says, “Security, stand down. I need some disorder in here. Security, chill out a bit, enjoy the festivities. Kanye isn’t here! LOL” The crowd just laughed!!! The he said, “You know Kanye and I made a pact that songs from our ‘Watch The Throne’ album can only be performed when we’re together on stage. So ya’ll gotta earn it.” The crowd was all on their feet by now-  then Jay started counting down from 10! Soon as he said ONE— he went right into everyone’s favorite…

In Paris– Everyone LOVED this one!! Great seeing everyone dancing and rapping along with this one! I didn’t even miss Kanye! LOL– I had it covered!

Clique— This was fun to watch him perform. Everyone was into it!! I was there with my cousin and friends for a ladies night so our “clique” loved it! Like the song says, “Ain’t nobody messing with my clique, ain’t nobody fresher than my clique!”-LOL-  

Public Service Announcement- I get goosebumps everytime I hear the opening line, “Allow me to introduce myself.. my name is Hov….” Ahhhh another highlight for me!

Run This Town– No Rihanna in the building but great to watch Jay do this one on stage! After the song is over, he says, “Thank you San Jose and walks off the stage waving.” I KNEW he wasn’t done yet… but it was great to see the crowd NOT wanting him to leave us just yet either. After a quick break it was time for more…

Encore- “Can I get an encore, do you want more”– YES!! I wanted more Hov-  I wasn’t ready to go home yet!! Seemed like neither did Jay. It was a great moment in the show that he asked for the lights to get turned up some and looked through the crowd. He then went on to look through the crowd and shout people out. One woman had a shirt on that had a picture of Beyonce looking sexy in a bikini and Jay spotted it and pointed to her and said, “Love the shirt ma, camera man, zoom in on that one!” Too funny- he then said thank you for coming to a guy wearing a RocNation shirt, a guy wearing an A’s hat and a lady who was front row who came from Clevland Ohio. He said to her, “You know my tour is coming to Ohio, you didn’t have to come all the way to San Jose.” Everyone was cracking up. Then a cool moment was when a guy held up a poster he made that said, “Can you please sign it.” Jay looked at him and said to security, “give me the sign” and he actually SIGNED the poster for the guy!! Super lucky and a touching moment! Jay loves his fans and he wanted to make sure we all knew it. He said, “This is my favorite part of the show. I wanna give you the same energy you’ve given me from day one. It’s cool to buy my albums, but I appreciate it that you took time, spent money to come tonight. I know it’s not easy. Some of ya’ll had to find babysitters, get off work. So thank you.” Awwwww isn’t my man GREAT!!!! After introducing the band and the legendary Timbaland, it was time for a few more songs!

Empire State of Mind- Definitley one of the many crowd favorites! Everyone sang along to this one! Then he said, “Ya’ll ain’t ready to go home yet are you?” I shouted back, “Nooooo”- LOL

Izzo- It was time for “H to the Izz- o, V to the Izz- A”– you know you’re singing it in your head right now! LOL

Hard Knock Life-  Even if you haven’t been following Hov’s career for the last few years, chances are that you definitely know and love this one that takes a sample from the movie classic “Annie.” Then Jay says, “Let’s light this place up tonight. Get your cell phones out.”

Forever Young- I was hoping he would end the show with this song. At the Candlestick show this is what closed out the show in a touching tribute to Trayvon Martin. This time, Jay-Z dedicated it to Nelson Mandela. He told the crowd, never give up on your dreams. Like Nelson Mandela, he was in prison for 27 years, got out and became President. Chase your dreams. The body dies, but your ideas live forever.” What a powerful statement. I loved it. Gave me goosebumps again and I could feel the tears building in my eyes. Not only because of the message, but I knew this was it. The concert was over after this song.

All in all, the concert is right up there with one of the best tours of the year for me. I LOVED IT– not only because I’m a die-hard fan. But the way the show went on, it just flowed well. There was no scratching your head trying to figure out complicated stage sets or getting distracted by dancers. It was just Jay-Z- It gets no better than that. Come on, the guy was just nominated last week for 9 Grammy’s!! If you have a chance to catch the tour… DO IT!!! You’ll have fun watching a living legend in hip-hop and be able to say you where there to see him do what he does best. Watching him on tv, or Youtube videos online doesn’t do him any justice. Judging by the thousands there last night that never sat down for the whole show and loving EVERY minute of it. I even had to make sure I got my MC/HG black hoodie from the souvenir stand as a momento! LOL-

What did you think of the show last night? What were your favorite moments or songs that he did? Let me know- I’d love to hear from you!

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Thanks for reading this. I hope you felt like you were there with me! I’m already thinking of popping up at another one of his shows on the tour. Who’s down to go with me! He’ll be in Vegas this weekend! LOL~ ;0)

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