Jim Harbaugh’s Wife Refuses To Defend His Walmart Wardrobe

UPDATE 01.16.2014: Coach Jim Harbaugh on Thursday announces he’s literally changing his pants (permanently, not just today or anything).

Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah surprises Fernando and Greg Tuesday by calling in and putting her husband’s pleated pants on blast! Listen as she asks the guys to help her hubby out and give him a makeover!

Every Sunday the 49ers head coach can be seen stalking the sidelines in his signature khakis – usually with anything from a polo shirt to a winter parka tucked in.

“I will not take the blame for his outfits,” Sarah said.

“I’ve thrown them away many of times. I’ve asked him ‘Please, pleats are gone. Wear the flat front.'” she explained to Fernando and Greg, “He has a flattering body.”

Sarah also explained that she called in because Jim’s fashion mistakes reflect poorly on her own sense of fashion.

“I do have style,” Sarah explained. “I might be from the Mid-West, but I have some style.”

So how does Jim continue to go with the pleats even with his wife discouraging it? It is the age-old sports story of athletes, coaches, and fans sticking to certain rituals during a season (or even career/lifetime).

“I threw them out and when he went to the combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!”

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Even through all this, Sarah did say she sees a light at the end of the tunnel because Jim agreed to think about a change after the season is over.

“I still love him but he did say next year he would make a change if it was that important.”

She mentions he’s hesitant to change anything this far into his career, from his pants, to even the car he drives. ¬†She still wants to see some style changes though.

Fernando and Greg may get the chance to make over the coach after this season but for now we can all revel in the pleats for two more victorious weeks.

Jim Harbaugh's Wife Calls F&G 01.14.2014

UPDATE 01.15.2014:

God bless the internet. We now have visual proof of one of Jim Harbaugh’s excursions to Walmart for his patented pleated khakis.

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