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Demi Lovato ‘Neon Lights Tour’ San Jose Review & Set List

It’s been a few years since Demi Lovato was last on stage in concert here in the Bay Area. Last night’s ‘Neon Lights Tour’ proved to be MORE than worth the wait! Not only was Demi on fire, she brought along two of the biggest female groups out right now with her for the fun on tour, Fifth Harmony & Little Mix!! Plus surprise guest, Nick Jonas turned the already loud screaming crowd level even higher! Plus, yes… Demi sang ‘Let It Go’ from the Frozen soundtrack!! What else could you want?? What a concert!!

As opening acts for concerts go- sometimes they are people less popular, never heard of. Maybe only have 1 or 2 hit songs…. not these 2 groupd of ladies!! Fifth Harmony & Little Mix definitely held their own spot! Of course it was Demi who I couldn’t take my eyes off of. She was a new, stronger, powerful and liberated Demi. You could tell she was in the moment, soaking in all the love from the thosands of screaming and neon- wearing fans. I have to bet that there has to be cases of fans going to school today with no voice, because the screams were soooo loud. Last time I heard a crowd that loud was at last years’ One Direction show. My daughter’s voice was even a lil shakey today with her screaming and singing along at last nights show! I’m sure her 3rd period choir class is going to go great. LOL-

Now let me tell you about the concert because it was jam packed with talent, beauty, amazing voices, beautiful stage sets and magic. Yes, I said magic… Joining the ‘Neon Lights Tour’ with all the ladies is someone millions of fans of America’s Got Talent fell in love with in Season 8, his name is Collins Key. He’s a 17 year old magician who ended up not winning the show, but turns out he’s definitely a winner now! He gets to be on a tour with a bunch of beautiful, talented ladies and travel around entertaining not only them, but the thousands of the already excited fans! Now is that an awesome gig or what??!!

So let me give you a play by play of how the second night of the ‘Neon Lights Tour’ went. Now if you want to be surprised because you are going to an upcoming show, just stop reading now! I’m going to tell you what happened during the show and what songs the ladies all performed. I know there were lots of people for one reason or another who couldn’t make it to the show, and this is my way of helping you (hopefully) feel like you were there with us. Ok, now that’s outta the way, let’s get to it…..

One question I always get is, “Did the show start on time?” My answer, “YES!!” So don’t be late. Our tickets said 7pm showtime, and they were not playing! Exactly 7pm, the DJ stopped playing music on stage and the lights went out. Out strutted Collins Key. At first I saw him and was like, “Is he going to sing? He looks familiar though?”– LOL. The other thousands of girls in the audience already knew who he was obivously because they were screaming loud! He came out to say to the excited crowd that he was going to be the host for the night and entertain us in between acts. He told the crowd also how Demi saw him on Youtube and she loved what she had seen before  and invited him to come along on tour. How cool was that!

Before you knew it, it was 7:15 and time to bring out the ladies from X-Factor and now mega pop stardom, Fifth Harmony!! THe crowd went NUTS!! Camera phones were flashing like crazy & there stood the ladies on stage on these white platform boxes looking out to the already packed arena. Fans had been waiting for them to come on tour & they got what they wanted. An energy packed set from the ladies. Here are the songs they performed:

Me & My Girls

Better Together

Leave My Heart Out

Independent Women (Destiny’s Child cover)

Don’t Wanna Dance Alone

Miss Movin On

The ladies sounded awesome live! They had great chemistry on stage and were dressed super cute. It was like you were watching a group of friends who just happened to be on a stage in front of thousands having a good time for us to watch. No lip-syncing for them. The ladies of Fifth Harmony are 100% talent! I LOVED them~ As they left, Collins Key came back out to the already overly excited crowd. Now it was time for some magic tricks before the next goup of super talented ladies hit the stage.

Collins came out through the crowd this time running through and making his way to the stage giving high-5’s along the way as a video of his journey played on the big screens. He did his signature card trick, dollar trick and iPhone trick. All I can say is I don’t know how this guy does it!! I was in aww by his magic trick and how right on point his tricks were. Even in a packed arena full of screaming, excited concert go-ers, he kept calm and executed each trick to a wow’d crowd! I know he’s been doing this for years and years, but it was so cool to be there and see it for yourself. So if you ‘re going to the  show… get ready to be amazed by him too! Magic tricks were done, so it was Little Mix’s turn to get the crowd hyped!

At 8pm Little Mix hit the stage that was all glowing in red light. The ladies marched out along with 4 hunky background dancers behind them. They also looked great and as the big screen zoomed in on each girl, the screams just got louder and louder. The girl sitting next to my daughter was a Perrie fan so she just about lost it and my daughter looked at me, like “Mama, help me!”- LOL– it was ok though. The ladies deserved the love from the crowd—  they came ready to put on a show and that’s exactly what they did! They had a little more of a grown up look and sound, than Fifth Harmony. But it’s not fair to compare the 2 groups of ladies. They are different yes, and the fans couldn’t get enough. Neither could I, their vocals were on fire. I’d never seen them live before so I was like, “Wow, they sound great live!” Here’s a list of songs they did. Let me know if I missed one:




Medley of songs: ‘No Scrubs’- TLC, ‘Bootylicious’- Destiny’s Child, ‘Don’t Let Go’- En Vogue

Little Me- My personal favorite!! I LOVED seeing them empower the crowd with this track!!

Word Up (Cameo Cover)


And just like that it was 8:30 and it was over. I actually wanted them to do more songs. It was ok though, it meant it was time to get ready for DEMI!! First it was time for one more magic trick involving a box that had been hanging above the stage during the whole show so far. It was kind of a trippy magid trick where Collins picked 3 different girls from the audience and had them say 3 different parts to his dream he had the night before. The words were: Lake Tahoe, One Direction & Dressing. In some magical way those words were pulled out of the box above the stage. Trippy yet cool. LOL-

Ok, it was 9:05 and  it’s Demi’s turn to rock San Jose!!! As the black curtain drops and there you see her awesome live band and a huge oval screen in the back showing Demi underwater swimming around. Then you see Demi come out on stage. Not only did her pink hair light up the stage, but her huge smile. She looked amazing as she glanced around the jam packed arena in there’s light up signs, neon shirts and glow sticks. Kind of as if she was in aww of everyone who came out to see her. So what was the first song Demi sang? Here’s the list I came up with:

Heart Attack

Remember December- So happy she did this one, I was hoping to hear it! She loved it as the crowd was feeling it and she had us wrapped up in what was she going to do next. Then after the song she said, “You guys are on fire tonight!” Then went into the next song-

Firestarter- Loved that Demi jumped over to a section of drums that was out for her and just had a Shelia E. moment. It was so cool to see her get into the drums!

The Middle

**Next it was time for a huuuuuge surprise. We all knew that Nick Jonas was a huge instrumental part of putting the tour together with Demi. Demi had told MTV News in an interview earlier in the week that the tour is “90% Nick’s” vision and hard work. So it left us wondering… is Nick backstage? Would he come out and join Demi on stage?? Um…. the answer is YES!! All of a sudden you see Demi holding a guitar on stage and someone walks in from the side wearing a guitar as well. So who could it be…. NICK JONAS!!! They stood next to each other as BFF’s singing together as the thousands of girls were screaming so loud you couldn’ t from my seats hear when Nick sang! The girls in the crowd were pulling out their phones snapping pics and trying to capture the moment on video.

Stop The World WITH Nick Jonas

Catch Me WITH Nick Jonas

Here We Go Again (Nick Jonas took over the 2nd verse)- after the song was over Nick waved by and was off the stage. So great to see him and Demi together! Plus there’s no denying the crowd LOVED seeing the BFF’s having fun on stage!

Made In The USA




**Demi disappears under the stage and then out of no where pops back up but at the side of the stage and on the floor with the fans giving everyone high-5’s all while still singing! Then she gets back up on stage and takes a minute to thank the crowd for the amazing support over the years. Demi said today during the fans meet and greet she heard a number of times, “thank you, you saved my life.” That had to be powerful. Her response to that was, “Thank you, but no, YOU saved your own life, YOU made the change to a better life on your own. I’m just happy to be a part of that journey for you.” I loved Demi saying that– It’s great to know, especially since we all know her personal battles that have been made public. One thing for sure though, Demi’s fans are truly dedicated in good and challengeing times. Demi concluded the inspirational rant with a shout out to all the “strong, bad bitches out there!”- Such a fun moment!!! Go DEMI!! LOL– She also took time to thank the crowd for coming to get lost in the music tonight. That we did- it was hit after hit! Which leads me back to the set list… My daughter and I were super excited when she started talking about how proud she was to be part of the movie soundtrack for ‘Frozen’, so of course that meant we were going to hear everyone’s favorite song…

Let It Go (From Frozen!!)

Then the screen behind the stage flashes through music classic videos from Demi’s career. Of course you see Camp Rock scenes in the back and the crowd goes wild!

This Is Me (Camp Rock)- It was cool to hear Demi give commentary on the clips! Take you back and you see how much she has grown!

Neon Lights- Demi had so much fun during this number! She reminded fans if you downloaded her app. Now was the time to tap the app and point your screen to the stage. And so I did. Before you knew it, my phone screen was flashing different bright colors and flashing lights! IT was a cool added bonus my daughter loved. It seemed to have been flashing to the beat of the song. Before you knew it, the whole arena was flashing their phones or screens up to Demi! Cool moment! The confetti comes raining down… and you think, Man what a way to end the show! But Demi wasn’t done yet! She had 2 more songs to do!! Loved the encore- but what song did she save for last??

Give You Heart A Break

The concert went by so fast!! It was action packed, great stage set up and lighting & the talent was endless!! I didn’t want it to end. I kept thinking of more songs she could squeeze in. I didn’t want it to end though— I know the girl had to get out of there though and get ready for night #3 of the tour! San Jose, we were sure lucky to get the best show last night. We had Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Nick Jonas, even a lil magic from Collins Key PLUS Demi of course!!! I had a great time at the show and now it’s time for you to hear what’s your thoughts from the show.

What was your favorite part of the show? Favorite songs? Moments of the show? Let me know, I’d love to hear what you thoughts are on the show. To those of you getting ready to see the NEON LIGHTS TOUR, get ready for the time of your life to sing, dance, let loose and have fun! If you don’t have plans on going….. make plans!! You won’t want to miss out. Plus, make sure you get there early. Being fashionably late isn’t cool for this show!! So get your light up signs ready and decorate your custom neon shirts and get ready for a fun night out of inspiration, girl power and amazing performances!

Tell me what you think! Thanks for taking time to read my long blog, but I hope you got to feel like you were there with me watching the show! Follow me!

Twitter: @MaryDiaz997

Instagram: @MaryDiazOnAir



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