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Miley Cyrus ‘Bangerz Tour’ San Jose Concert Review & Set List

Miley Cyrus made her return to the Bay Area this week. This isn’t the “old” Hannah Montana Miley, this is the “new” and some would say NOT improved Miley! I beg to differ though. There was so much controversy over her new tour, you know I HAD to see it for myself. There were reports of parents boycotting the concerts and even others asking for their money back as the concert progressed through the night. So much “bad press” including the issue of low ticket sales also made me think maybe last night’s show in San Jose would be a ghost town! I’m here to tell ya, that was NOT the case!!

Miley performed at Oracle Arena in Oakland Monday to rave reviews from my friends who went. I didn’t want them to tell me too much of what was going on because I wanted to see the hype for myself and make my own mind up if it was too crazy. I have to admit it was hard not to scroll your Facebook or Instagram feed and not see pictures of Miley sticking her tongue out or putting her hands “down there.” But I know what a great singer she actually is, so I thought– I’m still excited to see what the ‘Bangerz Tour’ is all about.

Before I tell you about Miley, I have to mention the two opening acts: Sky Ferreira & Icona Pop! I was surprised to see Sky on stage since I know at the Anaheim stop of the tour a few days ago she had fell or something and had a huge gash on her leg. Last night she was on stage with her leg bandaged up, but she did perform. Not sure it matched the high energy of the rest of the show, but she was there. Let me be nice! LOL- During one song, she actually stopped singing and went over to the side of the stage and said, “I can’t hear myself” and then went into a different song instead. Never seen that before besides at a soundcheck! But she got through her set that started a lil after 7pm. After she left the stage, it was time to party! 

The seats at the SAP Center in San Jose at this point still weren’t full even after 7:30 when the showtime on the ticket said 7pm. So I thought, maybe the critics were right? No one wants to see this tour?? Nope, critics were wrong!! The lights go out and the thousands of screaming girls go wild. It’s 7:40pm and all of a sudden the big screens suddenly say ICONA POP! The screams get louder and the ladies come out on stage to turn up the volume and get people ready to party before Miley. They went through their hits and of course everyone was on their feet when it was time to perform ‘I Love It’ for the crowd! The ladies looked great and they for sure brought the energy! As quickly as they came, their high energy set seem to be over. Just as I was getting into them, they were done. Smart move Miley on bringing them on board for the tour!

Ok, are you ready for me to tell you about Miley? So I have to start with how it looked when you walked into the SAP Center. I knew we were in for a fun night because as we got in to go to our seats, I seen there were balloons stringed up from the rafters/ceiling. There were even balloon arches leading people to their floor seat. For some reason it was odd to me to see balloons, but then…. this is Miley’s tour. She likes to think outside the box right! During Icona Pop’s set, those same balloons kinda got in my way since I was sitting up in the nosebleeds (section 204). I was wondering what was going to happen when Miley came out?

It was about 8:40 pm when the lights go out again and the screams are so loud I’m getting flash backs of the One Direction concert I went to last year. Yes…. THAT loud! I look around and realize every seat looks to be filled and everyone is on their feet, jumping up and down and screaming. Others have their camera phones pointed at the stage as to want to capture Miley’s grand entrance. Good idea because it’s an entrance I’ve never seen before…

So how did it go down? Well all of a sudden, a larger than life Miley head pops up on this huge screen that has to be at least 2 stories tall. Then, the screen opens up to look like Miley’s mouth is opening and a long pink inflatable tounge rolls out. Think of how an airplane emergency slide looks on those manuals you find in the seat in from of you on a plane. But this one curves a bit and is pink. Miley appears at the top of the slide and sits down and down she goes. It actually looked fun! Remember those balloons I mentioned earlier. Well all of a sudden they retract up to the ceiling. So now they were bunched up on the roof and not hanging down and in my way! And with everything going on on stage, I didn’t want to miss anything!

Miley came out wearing a red and white checkered 2 piece outfit  that had red and white fuzzy arms & cowboy boots while very colorful cartoons flashed on the huge screens behind her. I didn’t know where to look, there was so much going on! The cartoons reminded me of the old school ‘Ren & Stimpy’ kinda vibe. Definitely not Disney cartoons I’m used to. LOL- Also joining her on stage were her back up dancers. Some of whom were dressed in costumes from a pink gorilla, blue shark, turquoise bear and more… let’s just say it was a colorful supporting cast! I’m going to try to give you the set list of the songs Miley did. Feel free to let me know what I might’ve missed. There was so much going on, if I looked away for a second I knew I missed something!

SMS- This song brought the energy through the roof  as lyrics from the song flashed on the screen behind her and set the tone for the rest of the night of craziness that we were about to witness!

4×4- It didn’t take long for the country twang sound to come out and be part of the show. It was a fun number to watch and Miley was working all parts of the stage. Waving and keeping up with the dance moves and most of all the vocals.

LOVE MONEY PARTY- Before the last song was over, Miley disappeared under the stage. The dancers and live band was doing a great job in keeping everyone entertained before we really noticed Miley must be changing again. This time she came out riding on top of a gold car with spinner wheels & wearing a one piece leotard thing with lots of gold accents, and marijuana leaves. Oh and a lil backpack. LOL- The car actually moved down the ramp of the stage and at one point blew out “Miley Money” that later during the song you can see her rolling around on it and tossing it up in the air- Then all of sudden just as I was wondering if she would acknowledge Big Sean’s verse or blow through it? Nope… before you know it, literally a big Big Sean doll on stage. It looked like one of those mascots you see at a baseball game with the large head. It was actually cute.

MY DARLIN- This is the point where Miley slows the show down a bit and says, “Last night I was in Oakland, so you gotta be f****** louder tonight.” The fans took that as a challenged and screamed at the top of their lungs! Then she said, “My next song is called ‘My Darlin'” and she sang it with such feeling

MAYBE YOU’RE RIGHT & DO MY THANG– I’m not sure which one came first but I loved this huge puppet being controlled by 2 men that made an appearance. The puppet followed Miley around on stage and moved with her. Never seen that before at a concert.

F.U.- The Miley fans definitely knew this one word for word! Then a huge bed comes out on stage. It looks like it’s way to big for just one person, or two…. well let’s try 8 people! LOL-

#GetItRight- So this is the soon to be infamous scene of the tour that might not sit well with parents in the audience or the lil kids who thought they were coming to see Miley do some Hannah Montana movie or tv show! But since the tour is still in the early stages of it’s run, I’m sure this will be one of the most talked about parts. This is where the bed is the focual point. Miley is on the bed and before you know it, her dancers pop up through the sheets and join her. When her male dancers come out in just their boxers and socks, well let’s just say they get comfortable… with each other. And with Miley. There’s one point she licks the abs of one of the guys as he’s rubbing on her. The crowd ate it up! I just watched and thought wow- what’s going on here!  

CAN’T BE TAMED- As quickly as the huge bed came out, it was gone and so was Miley. Of course anytime we didn’t see her we knew it was costume change time. Oh and not just costume but the set changed just as often. This time, a huge inflatable dog who’s eye lit up and was used as sort of a projection screen. Different images flashed on the dog that had to be at least 2 stories. It was huuuuge- Then Miley came out next to the dog wearing black and white fuzzy looking chaps style pants and a black bikini bra top. In the background is a creepy computer animated Miley on the big screen behind the dog and is Miley riding a jet ski and rocking out.

ADORE YOU- Miley slowed the tempo down again for one of my favorite songs of hers. Then the dog disappears as she comes up on stage. On the screen behind her is a huge diamond ring and in the center is a camera that’s pointed on the crowd. Miley wearing black pants says, “Alright guys, when you see yourself on the screen I want you to make out. Make out with your girlfriend, boyfriend whoever you love and came with!”- The crowd seemed ready for that. Soon as the song started and Miley’s singing, the camera scans the crowd. Before you know it, I was watching the “kiss cam” instead of her! LOL- I was listening to Miley, and I thought she sounded great live. The camera would stay on people as they made out and the crowd ate it up! They LOVED it, something about watching people make out hyped up the crowd, I just couldn’t turn away either, I was guilty! LOL…. It was cool that it was a mix of couples who were ready to embrace their 5 seconds of fame on the kiss cam making out for all of us to see. So if you are going to the next tour stop, get ready! It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

Rooting For My Baby- I loved that she performed this one! After the crowd makeout session, Miley is gone…While she’s gone, we’re treated to a black and white video of Miley wearing only duct tape covering her breasts… it was a bit of bondage action going on while we waited.  Yes another costume change  was on the way and another stage location change too! There was a tiny stage set up behind the sound board. I had seen it there when we walked into the arena and wondered how she was going to use it? Miley’s live band joined her on that small stage near the back of the arena. Miley said, “This is my favorite part of the tour cuz I can come to the back of the crowd and say thank you to those who couldn’t get the seats up front.” Awww thanks Miley– I have an idea for the next tour Miley, put a stage up top in the nose bleeds seats and that’d be even better! LOL_- worked out for me though cuz she was right in front of us. Then she says “If you could make some noise for my Instagram video” and she holds out her phone and scans the crowd who were screaming at the top of their lungs! Oh and this time she was wearing a bedazzled white baseball hat to the back and a big shirt all rhinestoned out with her face on it. Kinda cool~

HEY YA- Ok my hubby went with me to the show and he is a huuuge Outkast fan so we were both surprised that she did a cover of this song. It was sort of country-fied but it still came across cool. If you were to ask my husband, he just shook his head…. his explanation is “you know how  on singing shows, it’s never a good idea to sing Whitney Houston songs cuz it NEVER comes out right….” so I guess you can judge from that comment, he didn’t care for it. I did though, and I’d like to think I’m all about hip hop so if her performing a lil Outkast brings more of their music to a new audience, and it didn’t suck… I’m down for it! LOL_ Great job Miley, do your thang!

JOLENE- It’s a cover of Dolly Parton’s classic that she’s peformed many times and I might not be a huge country music fan, but I thought she sang it great and the crowd got into it. At one point she pulled out her phone and said, “Let’s record this for my Aunt Dolly and send it to her”— Awww…sweet moment! Then she said, “Thanks you guys are fun!” Yes we ARE Miley, you’re in the Bay afterall so we are all about fun! Lol- Then she gets off the stage and into a black box that looks like it carries equipment and they wheel her to the front stage of the arena. I’ve seen that done with Prince at concerts so it was cool to see them do that again for her. I was sitting pretty far up, so it looked like that was happening. So after that part of the show, and you see them rolling a huge black box that looks like there’s equipment in there, it’s probably just Miley! hahaha~

23– Crowd favorite for sure everyone was singing along to this one!It was a fun performance and Miley kept on beat with everything going on.  

SOMEONE ELSE- At one point a giant hot dog comes out and a guy in a mustard costume comes to help Miley get on and strapped to it. I had seem some pics on Facebook and IG of Miley on top of a hotdog flying in the air. I didn’t get it in pictures… but somehow in person it did make sense and was pretty cool. She said, “The louder you are, the higher I go!” So there goes Miley flying through the crowd over the stage and waving and singing. My eyes were glued to her, and I didn’t even pay attention to what she was singing. THe crowd was busy recording her and snapping pics. Flashes were everywhere! Then the screens show a huge door that said EXIT at the top and the screens open up as if they were the doors and Miley and the hotdog fly through and she’s gone. But she’s not gone for long…

WE CAN’T STOP- Encore time!! This one had the crowd singing along with Miley. It was a fun performance. There was a huge cat behind her on the screen that seemed to mouth the words along with her. Her dancers came out dressed as her imfamous foam finger from the VMA’s and a hand holding a lighter.

WRECKING BALL- When she performed this one, there were no elaborate stage set ups or distracting dancers, it was Miley standing on a blue lit platform stage. The focus was on her singing and she sounded great. Well as much as I could hear because the girls around me tried to out sing Miley and were loud. After this song there was a long pause so the crowd could yell MILEY- MILEY- MILEY…. and then the lights come on for one more song!

PARTY IN THE USA- What a way to end the show! The ending was complete with Miley in a patriotic outfit and blonde Marilyn Monroe style wig. Her dancers were dressed as Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty & The Liberty Bell. Red, white and blue streamers shot out of cannons over the dancing crowd. Fireworks lit up the stage and brought the crowd to their feet if they weren’t standing already. I looked around the moms with little ones there and even at this point, whatever they thought of what they had just witnessed for the last hour and a half or so… still let them let loose and sing and dance with their daughters. Some dad’s were into this one too.

So, how was the show? Was there lots of twerking? Yes there was but that wasn’t it. I thought it was entertaining that’s for sure. Sure there were some parts that I thought I’m glad that I didn’t bring my 11 year old daughter. Other parts I thought how clever some of the set ups were. One thing for sure is that she can sing. Since the MTV VMA’s so much emphasis has been on her stage “presence”– but what about what she CAN do that no one can take away from her… she can sing… like it or not, and yes.. she is an entertainer. I haven’t heard her say she wants all the young ladies in the audience to act “like” her. She comes across as a very confident young woman, sure of herself & has a smart business sense. If you would’ve seen the souvenir booth last night at the show, you could see she’s had her say in all the merchandise too.

Do we miss the “old” Miley… for some the answer is yes… but she was kid during those Disney years. She has to grow up eventually. Think about how you were at her age when Hannah Montana became a worldwide sensation  as a kid and how you are  and act now years later. Would there be a change, would you be doing more grown up things? The answer is probably yes. Maybe not putting it all out there for people to see… but still. Like my Mama tells me, “you can’t please everyone”== that has never been more true for Miley!

In my opinion, the concert might not be appropriate for the younger fans, but for those looking for a great night of entertainment from one of the most talked about artists out right now- go to the show and take it all in for yourself! Don’t go by IG or Facebook pictures of her in compromising poses on stage that captures a crazy moment, — go and see what the Bangerz tour is all about! You’ll have fun and some skeptics might just walk away with a new opinion of Miss Miley!

Were you at the show last night or Monday night? What did you think of the show? Did I miss any songs or any moments that you loved or hated? I’m sure I did miss a thing or two, there was so much going on– LOL– I want to hear from you and see what your thoughts are! Follow me & see you at the next concert!!


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Here’s an old pic of my daughter with Miley. My how they’ve both grown. My daughter was in 1st grade in this pic~

Here are some pictures of excited Miley fans from last night’s San Jose show!

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