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PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Fillmore SF Early Concert Review & Set List

On Wednesday night PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL took over the Fillmore in San Francisco. They brought the house down!! Not for just 1 show… but 2! What other artist do you know that could announce he’s going to do a show, have the tickets go on sale, then sell out all in the same day… and for BOTH shows?? Well, that would just be my man, PRINCE of course!! I’d like to think last nights shows were planned all along so that he could do a shows in the Bay on 3/19. Afterall, us PRINCE fans know the significance of 319 right… 319 was a track on ‘The Gold Experience’ album! I was just ready to see my man again!! I couldn’t wait, and looking at everyone lined up waiting to get inside… neither could they!

Again as the story was with lots of fans I talked to, we found that it was even harder to get a ticket to either show last night. It possibly could’ve been because it was listed as a PRIVATE EVENT so you had to really look for it. By the time someone figured it out, posted it for fans to use the link… it was sold out! I barely got into the first show and I just bought one ticket for myself. I couldn’t even get a ticket for the 2nd show quick enough. I kept trying to buy just 1 ticket, with no luck. I always get asked, “How can you go to a concert by yourself?” PRINCE is the only artist that I don’t mind going alone… I’m so much into the show, the music, the sound, watching everything my man does on stage PLUS I’m surrounded by people who like me, also have a LOVE… ok, scratch that… infatuation for PRINCE too, so I’m NEVER alone!! By the time the show starts, I have friends all around me!

Something pretty cool did happen while all of us were outside waiting to get in though that made our heart skip a few beats… As we were getting anxious to get inside because it was getting close to showtime and no one was being let in yet, all of a sudden we see a few SFPD motorcylce cops drive up with their lights flashing. That caught me off guard. I thought, what are they here for? Then a few seconds later an all black SUV pulls up, parks and people who had been in line since early in the morning rush out of the line to see if it could possibly Prince!! Turns out… IT WAS!!!! The crowd went nuts and people had their phones out trying to take a picture of him running into the Fillmore. Most of the people around me who went to try to a take a picture of him since we ALL knew that when we got inside we wouldn’t be able to. Boy is he quick!!

Seeing him go inside, made me realize even more that I was here. I was in the moment. I was about to go see my man for the 2nd time in the last few days. I’d like to think I’ve seen him more since Saturday though. Saturday was the Oakland show, Sunday I was in PRINCE aftershow glow/haze, Monday the Arsenio take over episode aired, Tuesday the ‘New Girl’ episode ran and then last night was another concert….. You know you can NEVER have too much of a good thing! 😉

Finally the doors opened and they let us in after checking our ID and giving us our tickets. I noticed some people go straight to the bar, I said forget that… I took off straight to the stage!! On the stage, it was already set up for PRINCE so that meant there was NO opening act. I was really hoping to see LiV and the NPG Hornz again, but I’m sure they’ll be back soon. One thing that made me weary was were I was standing. This time I was the farthest I’d been lately at the last handful of shows I’ve gone too. There were about 4 to 5 rows of people in front of me. My friend Josh was like “Girl this is far for you?”— LOL– I was still happy and especially just happy to be in the building. I usually like to stand on the left side facing the stage a little bit away from where the mic stand is. Especially now with the big ol’ PRINCE symbol stand, I’m short- I want to see his hands playing the guitar so I need an angle. LOL– I went over to where I “usually” like to stand, but it seemed like all the tall people had my same idea and were quicker than me. So I ended up moving to the right side of the stage and was standing half way between his mic stand and where the keyboard set up was. I had a perfect view, but why did I have a quick second of thinking, “What if he looks for me in my usual spot in the crowd and I’m not there!” LOL— Ummm… Oh yes, I did go there… and thought that! Don’t laugh… 😉

Now I had my NEW spot, my excitement & nervous energy was kicked up into high gear and then the lights on the stage go out. It’s about to go down!!!! I could feel it. The beautiful ladies of 3RDEYEGIRL come out on stage and everyone starts screaming and jumping up and down. Hannah Ford steps up to the mic with Ida and Donna on stage next to her waving to the crowd. Hannah says, “Are you ready to get dirty and hot San Francisco?” We all start screaming & cheering again… Similar to the Oakland show, Hannah goes over some rules about the show. She said there will be NO SMOKING she said, “We want to be able to breathe and give you an awesome show.” Then the one she stressed the most was NO CAMERAS, NO PHONES. The security guards had been walking through the line for hours as I stood outside last night saying the same thing. But hearing Hannah say it. I think people listened. Smart move! She said, “We don’t want you busy recording and worrying about that, because you’re going to miss something!” She was right, there was so much going on on that stage last night, so let me tell you about it already!!

Here’s the set list I came up with. Once again, I did my paper and pen trick and wrote down songs a few at a time. I think I need to look into another part time job at Denny’s or something, because I kept my eyes on the stage and still wrote songs down. I was like a PRINCE waitress or something keeping notes of the songs on my paper and from memory. I know I’ve probably missed one here or there, so feel free to let me know and add it to the list. Here’s what Prince performed that night…..

LET’S GO CRAZY– OMG my man is walking out on stage. So much confidence, sexiness and only he knows what kinda show we are in for! I got goosebumps right away. He was looking good wearing a deeper purple long turtle neck style shirt with a velvety zebra print jacket that was mixed with colors of deep purple, organge, tourqois, black and some hints of red. His hair….my goodness! His hair was still in his new afro style but this time, he wore a bandana around this forehead that went around his hair. He was looking gooooood!! He capped the look off with a think gold link chain that came down his chest a bit. Ok, now on to the music. LOL- I Love when he starts the night out with this one because EVERYONE knows the song and I love to see the fans who go wild when they hear it and then get even crazier when they hear the updated version. It’s always a funky, guitar heavy way to start the show!

FUNKNROLL- This one kept everyone dancing and you could tell Prince was in a mood to party. He was smiling, having fun looking at the crowd and just taking in all the energy and love we were giving him.

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY- Oh yeah! This one sounded so good and flowed perfectly! Plus, this was where some fans who were off to the side of the stage, were waiting. They were waiting for their cue to dance while PRINCE jammed on his guitar!! He was even dancing a bit with them. Prince show vets know usually when you get on stage, you know NOT to get too close or the man in the suit will snatch you off real quick! LOL- They were very lucky last night, they looked like they were having the times of their lives. I was wondering how the whole, ‘Get up on stage’ part of the show was going to work. I was surprised it happened so early. I was so close to getting up on the stage at the Oakland show and I chickened out. A part of me was in line last night and trying to strategize how I WAS going to make it work! LOL- But then, I thought if the security guard goes to pull me from the floor to the stage, we’re both going fall on our faces! So I don’t want Prince to see me like that. LOL–

SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL- After he got down on the guitar, it was time for him to get on the keyboard. Prince said, “You know, we have to take care of one another, love one another and give to those who have less..” No truer words were ever spoken. I started screaming when he added, “I love you and I know you love me too….” That’s when I LOST IT!!! I said, “Whoooo I LOVE YOU TOO!!” LOL– Then he said again, “We need to love one another.” He added, “Thank you for coming tonight, every dollar you spent goes right back to the Bay Area to end hunger.” The show was a benefit for a wonderful organization called The Tipping Point. It’s great to know that we all had a hand in helping those less fortunate right here in the Bay Area. Bless you TIPPING POINT!!! Then after he shouted them out, he went right into the song. I LOVE when he performs this one, it always gives me goosebumps soon as I hear the first line. What a song!!

NOTHING COMPARES 2 U- OOOOh weeee!!! The crowd lost it when we heard the opening notes and then Prince looking sexy sitting at the keyboard seductively sang, “It’s been 7 hours and 15 day since you took your love awaaaay..” I lost it, I couldn’t take it!! Then he said, “I don’t hear you Frisco… sing it!” So I did!

PRETZELBODYLOGIC- Great to hear some newer music too sprinkled in with the re-worked classics we all love too!

U GOT THE LOOK- It was during this song that Prince got up from the keyboards and grabbed his guitar. I was so excited that he was about to start playing. The he kept saying, “Turn the mics off…. turn the mics off. Turn the lights down low.” He was saying it while he was playing and checking his guitar. Then all of a sudden he walks to Donna’s mic and taps it to see if it’s on. Then goes over to Hannah’s drum mic and taps on it. Then goes to Ida’s and the keyboard mic to see if it’s on. I just watched him do all that with such seriousness on his face. My man knows what he wants and hey like they say…. if you can’t get it done right.. do it yourself. He’s such a perfectionist! I LOVE IT!

DIAMONDS AND PEARLS- When we heard the opening “do do do do dooo, do do do do doooo do do…” Oh come on, you know you’re hearing it in your heard now! LOL– He got through the first verse and said, “Sing it if you know it Frisco.” Well dont tell me twice Prince- I sang the whole thing swaying side to side.

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES- Anytime Prince can work in this song it’s perfect! Especially coming out of Diamonds and Pearls was genuis!!

HOW COME YOU DON’T CALL ME- This song always makes me smile because when he says, “I keep your picture beside my bed…” For years, I had a picture of Prince on my night stand growing up. It was the last thing I looked at before I went to bed, and the first thing I saw in the morning. Then when my husband and I moved in together, I busted out my Prince pic in a frame and put it by my side of the bed to see what he’d say and he just gave me a look and said, “Really?” LOL– yes… really!! So hearing that song has a special meaning. So many of his songs do!

STARFISH AND COFFEE- “Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam. Butterscotch clouds and a tangerine, a side order of ham….” Are you hungry yet?? Such a fun song. I’m always surprised at home some people always look puzzled and wondering “what song is that??” C’mon people, you gotta branch out!!

THE BALLAD OF DOROTHY PARKER- OMG!!! I was trying to figure out when was the last time I heard him perform this one! I knew all the words so I sang along.

LITTLE RED CORVETTE- So happy that we got the super sexy extended version. He was taking his time with this one and he knew we were hanging on every word! OOOOH weeee, was I hanging on EVERY word, every move of his mouth, everytime he closed his eyes as he got lost in his guitar. I got lost in the moment and felt like I was the only one there as he slowed down the tempo even more with him singing, “Slooooow Dooooownnn”- Made me just smile thinking about it!

WHEN DOVES CRY- Time to snap out of it Mary… It was time for me to get my dance on! Everyone was into this one of course!

SIGN ‘O’ THE TIMES- Always a perfect song to hear in the crazy times we are in now. Who else can break it down the way Prince does?? No one!!

NASTY GIRL- “Tonight I’m living in a fantasy, my own little nasty world… Tonight don’t you wanna come with me? Do U think I’m a nasty girl!” You know that’s gotta be your song!!! Play that at any party and everyone is on the dance floor and can’t sit still!

If I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND- I have LOTS of favorite songs from Prince, but this one is right up there! Love when he adds it to the set list, even if it’s not the full version. Something is better than nothing right?!

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD- I was watching him sitting at the keyboard and thinking, man- he could go all night and I was hoping he would!!

POP LIFE- He just did a lil portion of this song but fooled me, I was sure he was going to do it. LOL- I’d have to just settle for a quick run though- it’s ok. Next time!

A LOVE BIZARRE- I kept looking behind Donna waiting for Shelia E to walk out or pop up on Hannah’s drum kit, but no luck! NO Shelia, but you know everyone in the house was thinking of her and hoping she’s show up!

FOREVER IN MY LIFE- At the Oakland show on Saturday, Prince said this is one of his favorite of his songs that he never gets tire of. Me either!! Very cool at one point, Prince grabbed Ida’s bass guitar and took over for a bit and got funky!

GUITAR- Prince was having fun doing this song. He was looking into the crowd as he sang, “I love ya Frisco, but not like I love my guitar!” It’s ok baby, I still love you!!

PLECTRUM ELECTRUM- This is where the ladies from 3RDEYEGIRL got to shine! They are super talented and deserve to get the spotlight. Prince was letting them get their shine and would encourage the crowd to get fired up! Very easy to do!!

BAMBI- I lost it watching him perform this one!! I had been going down the list of songs that I was hoping to hear and SUPER excited to hear Bambi live again! After it seemed like he gave his everything and this might be the last song of the night, Prince says good night, waves then Hannah, Ida and Donna quickly follow behind him. I thought NOOOOOOOO I WANT MORE!!! I start cheering for him to come back along with the rest of the sold out crowd. Then everyone starts starts up the claps and the chants of “oh-we-oh- oooooh oh” start filling up the room. Then as soon as I start to realize, this was a perfect way to end, I was more than ok with the show he gave us….. Here he comes out again!!!

CRIMSON & CLOVER- Out struts Prince back on the stage with the ladies right behind him. The crowd is even louder than before. The floor of the Fillmore is bouncing as people start jumping up and down and he walks up to the mic and say, “You guys know we have some friends outside that want to come in.” The crowd for the first time boo’s that thought! It was funny and he smiles and starts to do C & C. It was so smooth! He even took a minute to fix his guitar real quick. That gave me time to study him even more, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

SWEET THING- He just did a bit of the song, but soon as I heard it come in I was ready to sing, “I will love you anyway, even if you cannot stay, baby you’re the one for me, here is where you ought to be…” Um I was SO ready to sing it with my man, but he just teased us with the instrumental! LOL– I was like, “Awww you got me Prince!” He didn’t need my vocals, I get it! LOL-

TAKE ME WITH U- Prince says something like, “You know we got people outside and you guys want more..” All of us were like YESSSSS!!! So he gave us so much more! It was amazing to see everyone singing and dancing along to this one. He said, “Come on Frisco sing it.” I already was so I sang louder and when it came down to sing the part of “take me with U”- I pointed to him…. LOL It’s tradition, I have to!!

RASPBERRY BERET- 1,2, 1, 2, 3, 4, I was working part time in a five and dime… you know the rest! Prince knows we still want to party so on with more hits!! I looked over at the 3RDEYEGIRL ladies and they had the hugest smiles on their faces and were bobbing their heads too. They seemed themselves in awe of how PRINCE had the crowd in the palm of his hands. It was great to see the ladies on stage get so excited about what was going on too!

HOT THANG- OOOOH WEEEE!!!! It was definitely hot up in there and the party was still going strong, I knew it was close to wrap up time but I figured I’m going to pretend each song is the last one and just take it all in. Every note, every look he gave as he sang and memorize it all!

HOUSEQUAKE- Frisco what you know about the quake he said! Boy we already knew it still is one of the funkiest jams that he does on stage even if it was just a snippet. It’s obviously a Bay Area favorite!

MR.GOODNIGHT- It was time to get silky again for a second, “oh mister mister!!!”

PURPLE RAIN- The moment came when I knew there were people outside, I knew that the show didn’t start on time and that those people needed to come in, so I was happy that this was the last song- YOu never want a last song since you know that this is it, but come on… for it to be Purple Rain, was magical. Like clock-work, I heard the opening chords and I got goosebumps, and tears started to fill my eyes. This song always is so emotional for me. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes and as I was doing that, a lady looked over at me and she had tears in her eyes too. We smiled at each other, strangers but yet so connected with the same thing, the music and of course the man!! He sang the hell out of the song and I wanted him to extend EVERY note to last longer.

It was time for him to leave, he says, “Thank you Frisco- Goodnight.” He takes a bow and puts his hand on his heart and looks at the crowd and says thank you. He looked very appreciative of the whole night. I’m not sure if it was because this was a back to back charity show, or just that he knows he has some die-hard Prince fans here in the Bay, but he had a different connection with us on stage.

The lights come on and everyone starts to make the mad rush to leave. OOOOh but NOT me, I go hang out by the bar knowing I don’t drink– but I thought just maybe if I stand at the bar, they won’t see me and ask me to leave with everyone else so I can stay for the 2nd show! I actually looked around the room and thought of places that I could go unnoticed! LOL- The walls of the Fillmore are drapped in red velet like curtains so I thought, “oh I can go behind that!” No luck— The security was on it! It’s like they knew all the hiding places I thought of! LOL–

OMG!!!! PRINCE WAS AMAZING TONIGHT @ the Fillmore!! So many highlights, I'm gonna have to figure out how to put it all into words for my review! It's bitter sweet to be leaving though knowing he's doing 1 more show tonight. I can't bring myself to drive away! The 2nd show sold out so quickly, I couldn't get in, but if it means someone in line is seeing PRINCE for their 1st time tonight… I won't feel so bad. 😉 EVERYONE should see him at least once! Think I'm just going to stand outside the doors and try to listen to the show from outside. Lol- Thanks for another memorable night PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL…. oh and for the free poster! 💜💜💜💜 #prince #princeinthebay #fillmore #sf #PrinceAtFillmore #PrinceShow1 #loveofmylife #myman #mylove #3rdeyegirl #idanielsen #hannahford #donnagrantis #concert #997now #purplefamily #concertreview #ComeBackSoon #INeedAPrinceFund #TippingPoint #ComeBackWhenIHaveMoney

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So I finally end up walking down the stairs and head out side. Very cool that on the way out, we were handed a Fillmore Prince Concert poster. I loved the poster especially since I was kicking myself for not bringing enough money for souvenirs!! I wanted everything at the booth! They had tank tops, a hoodie, posters (I’m sure my husband would love to see those on our walls- LOL) and regular shirts.

I was so happy to have experienced the first show. Lots of us Prince fans are already used to trying to get into the 2nd show because we want him PRINCE to perform longer with no restrictions on time. I guess we all cross our fingers hoping to be the crowd that brings him to want to do a 5 or 6 hour show! You never know… right? LOL-

After the come-down of any PRINCE concerts that I go to, it’s always a feeling of playing catch up with my life. It’s like I put everything on hold because I’m focused on finding out when he’s coming, when tickets go on sale, trying to buy tickets before they sell out, then how am I getting in line early enough so I am close to the stage. Then I get to the show and my mind is clear of all my stresses in life. For those few hours, all my bills are paid, my car doesn’t need tires, I’m not having a list of 100 things I gotta catch up on soon as I leave the Fillmore. Hell I felt guilty that for the last 3 nights, I didn’t make my family dinner! I love that he gets that it’s like this EVERY TIME PRINCE IS HERE!! Usually every night I cook, so hey I like I get a break now! LOL-

How do you feel after a Prince concert? Or am I the only one that experiences all these emotions of a PRINCE HIGH and then PRINCE WITHDRAWLS!! It can’t be healthy right?? LOL-

If you were at either the 1st or 2nd show, I’d LOVE to hear what your thoughts are. Did you like one more than the other? I love meeting new people who share the same passion for the music and the man, my man PRINCE! Hope my review made you feel like you were there with me singing and dancing along. Who knows maybe the next concert, we’ll be standing next to each other!!

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Here’s my review from the last time PRINCE was in SF at the DNA Lounge last April. Read it here~Here’s one of the many charities that PRINCE supports when he’s in the Bay and give a donation or donate your time to help!

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