RECAP: Five Questions After This Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’

By Alyssa Pereira

We’re only three weeks into this season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” but we have lots of concerns. Our heroes are lost in the woods, our villains are dying pretty grotesquely, and there’s a throne up for grabs in Westeros.

So, naturally, we have some skepticisms about this week’s episode, which developed on that gruesome murder and the waves it caused throughout the kingdom. Here are our most burning questions.


1. Who killed Joffrey?

Obviously this is still a big question. By now we know that Lord Baelish and the Fool had something (if not everything) to do with it, as they were already prepared to whisk a totally blindsided Sansa away. (Her innocence is pretty much proven, as she didn’t really see what was essentially her own kidnapping about to happen.) But, that leaves the question of who pulled the proverbial trigger—who poisoned Joffrey?


2. What will happen to Tyrion?

Our favorite character in the show/TV history is locked up awaiting a trial that will almost certainly not go in his favor. Are we about the watch the death of our favorite imp?


3. What are the consequences for the rape of Cersei?

Just when we were starting to kind of like Jaime, he went and did something unforgivable. Not cool. Jaime might be a big deal in the Lannister-ruled kingdom, but he’s been gone a while, and Cersei is nothing if not vengeful. We’re betting the consequences will be bleak for Jaime, but what will become of him? And what will Brienne have to say about this?


4. Is Sam going to regret taking Gilly away from the Castle Black and the Night’s Watch?

In what was either the smartest or dumbest move by Sam (we’re not sure yet), Sam abandoned/rescued Gilly and her baby from the Night’s Watch. Sam was worried about her safety among hundreds of men, and as much as we can’t blame him, a brothel in Mole Town doesn’t look too safe either.


5. What’s that tension happening between Daenerys and Daario Naharis?

Looks like someone’s got a little crush on the Queen of Dragons, no?



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