Jay-Z Gives Yacht To Kim And Kanye

Written by Thirsty @thirstyinterns

Unfortunately for Kim and Kanye, their friends  Jay Z and Beyonce will not be attending their wedding next month in France.

Why, you ask?

Allegedly, it’s because the power couple do not want appear on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as the wedding is going to be filmed for the show.

Another possible reason for The Carter’s no-show could be that Beyonce simply does not like Kim Kardashian. A private source has said that Jay-Z would go if the wedding wasn’t going to be so public; which seems accurate because Jay-Z and Beyonce are very private people.

However, since Jay-Z is such a good friend to Kanye he apparently surprised Kim and Kanye with a private yacht for the honeymoon!

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