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Katy Perry Takes Over The Fernando and Greg Show! (04.24.14)

She’s a busy girl. Katy Perry is just about to set out on a world tour in two weeks, and just released a new video for “Birthday” (that happens to scare Greg to death).

Before that happens though, she took a few minutes to chat with Fernando and Greg about guys with tattoos and her new puppy Butters, and to set the record straight about that date with Riff Raff.

Check out the video or transcript for the full interview.

Fernando: Katy Perry here taking over the show this morning.

Katy: Kay-kay-kay-kay—did you guys get your cake and eat it too?

Greg: Actually we were on vacation when it got here so when we saw it it was half eaten, but we tasted it because it was yours.

Fernando: I’ve always wanted to taste your cake.

Greg: I don’t want to taste many girls’ cakes, but I wanted to taste yours.

 Katy: Haha, I hear that! I’m glad.

 Greg: Ok, have you ever dated a guy who turned out to be gay?

Katy: Well, they haven’t told me that they were, but I assume that most of them are. Just kidding. When I met my stylist Johnny Wujack, that’s how I met him. We were at a shindig with my friend who was gay and I just said, ‘Listen, what team is he on, because he’s fine and I want to hang out with him.’ He was not on my team. He was not batting for me.

Greg: That happens to me all the time.

Katy: Hold on, hold on. I know theres a type that you guys like. You like a guy that’s straight. I understand that. I got you figured out.

Greg: I like an ethnic guy with a tattoo on his neck. That’s what I like.

Katy: Like a tribal bit?

Greg: Like one step out of prison.

Katy: Like a teardrop [tattoo]? I understand.

Fernando: Greg will drive to San Quentin sometimes to see if he an pick up a guy coming out.

Katy: Throw you across the wall and call you daddy?

Greg: My last boyfriend ended up in jail so that ain’t no joke.

Katy: I’m sure you put him there!

Greg: No, but I’d like to send him back!

Fernando: I saw you went out with Riff Raff—It seems like you like them looking like they just came out of prison.

Katy: Hahaha, oh my God. Riff Raff is my homeboy. I’m madly in love with him.

Fernando: Was that really a date though? Or were you just hanging out like buds?

Katy: We went and got smoothies together and like spooned and I’m totally pregnant. And my baby’s coming out and there are cornrows already.

Fernando: And the baby’s in the new video!

Katy: Guys, I don’t know if you’ve seen the new video but it’s insane.

Fernando: It’s fabulous.

Greg: I’ve seen it, but some people can’t watch it around here because we have a few people with clown phobias. You know there are a lot of people who are terrified of clowns.

Katy: And that is precisely why I had one of the characters as a clown.

Greg: It’s terrifying. There’s this story that you made some kids cry, what’s going on with that Katy?

Katy: Listen—I’ve made a lot of little kids really happy and now its time for them to cry. You’ve got to balance that sh*t out.

Fernando: You’ve got to give them the full range of emotion. I’ll tell you what made me cry…

Katy: Adulthood, right now!

Fernando: Hey, I’ll tell you one thing—congrats on your new puppy!

Katy: Oh, Butters!

Fernando: How long have you had Butters now?

Katy: I’ve only had Butters for a week now, but she’s in the middle of getting potty trained because she pee-pees and poo-poos everywhere, as puppies do. You know, I’m a cat lady, so I had the harshest realization that they’re not cats, and they do not clean up after themselves and they’re not independent, but that’s ok, I had to learn that and she’s going to be our tour mascot. Shes coming on tour with me for the US leg.

Fernando: That’s fantastic.

Katy: My tour! My big tour is kicking off in like two weeks, guys! I’ll be in the Bay Area in the summer, but I’ll be kicking it off in two weeks in the UK.

Fernando: Katy Perry, thank you so much!

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