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Ariana Grande Talks ‘Problem’ With Iggy Azalea, The White House, Jennette McCurdy On Fernando And Greg

Ariana Grande joins Fernando and Greg to talk about her new single with Iggy Azalea, her performance at The White House, and even speaks out about her co-star Jennette McCurdy’s racy photo scandal! Check out the full interview here! Transcript below.


Fernando: On the phone with us, big day for Ariana Grande. New single that dropped today, called “Problem” with Iggy Azalea. Ariana good morning!

Grande: Hi Fernando and Greg! My chair just like fell a little bit, I got scared.

Greg: That happens to me all the time. Crappy chairs in here.

Fernando: I hear you only got two hours of sleep last night.

Grande: I did, but I don’t feel like I only got two hours of sleep. I feel good.

Greg: What were you doing?

Grande: I was with my crew. We were like dancing around the kitchen, like living our lives to the fullest, having the most fun. We were having the best time.

Greg: I love how you say that. I was with my crew. But unfortunately, I don’t have one.

Fernando: What were you dancing to last night, the new single?

Grande: Well actually we were dancing to some Madonna, some Chris Brown, some of my album, some 90s stuff, it was fun!

Fernando: What did you do, invite a DJ over to the house?

Grande: No, just we all have good ipods.

Greg: Some 90s stuff? So what you were like 8 when that stuff came out?

Grande: Ha, well yeah, but I was aware enough to appreciate it.

Greg: What music did you listen to as a kid? I know you have a lot of influences like Madonna, like Katy Perry, and like of course Mariah Carey…

Grande: Well when I was little it was funny, because my mom always got mad at me for listening to her too much. Like I was so inappropriate when I was a little girl. As like a seven-year-old, Missy Elliott was like it for me. I was obsessed. But I was so young, I didn’t even know what she was saying, you know?

Greg: I just had a whole conversation with a guy at the gym about Missy Elliott, like how flashy she was back in the day, with those overalls and like now where is she?

Grande: I don’t know but I miss her.

Greg: Can you like call her up and do a collaboration with her, like bring her back?

Grande: That would be everything. That I’d be down for.

Fernando: Ariana, If you could bring Missy back and do a duet with Mariah, you could do like this crazy 90s throwback.

Grande: Yeah!

Fernando. I’m totally for this. Let’s do this.

Greg: You were at the White House recently. People were questioning whether where your pants were.

Grande: Oh, I was wearing a sweater.

Greg: I said she looks fine, why are people concerned if she has pants on or not?

Grande: It was a sweater dress. It’s the 60s.

Greg: Did you get to meet President Obama?

Grande: I got to meet him the month before actually. I got to sing at the Women of Soul Concert. It was an honor, it was very exciting. But I sang like a foot in front of him. Like, oh I’m having a heart attack right now, but gotta get through this song and get home.

Fernando: Were you nervous? Like some of these people there—Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, divas…

Grande: Crazy. It was like screaming divas for two straight hours. It was like the best and worst day of my life. Just kidding, it was the best day ever. It was incredible. I was just so shocked to be included in that category of women. I was so honored.

Greg: I thought it was funny that you were so excited to meet Jim Carrey.

Fernando: Yeah, what was he even doing there?

Grande: Everybody is asking me that. He was singing his songs with his daughter.

Greg: But what was so great about meeting him?

Grande: Well I’ve loved him since I was a little girl so it was special to me. It was built up for many years. My first screenname was JimCarreyFan42, so that’s mortifying.

Fernando and Greg: Whooooaaaa ahahaha.

Grande: Yep, yep. When AIM was a thing. Another 90s moment.

Fernando: Yeah, you’re like a total hardcore fan.

Greg: So that’s awesome then.

Fernando: They always say you should meet your heroes. He wasn’t a disappointment was he?

Grande: Definitely not. He was very kind and humble and human and down-to-Earth and just wonderful.

Greg: He didn’t make any of those weird faces did he?

Grande: No, he was smiling the most genuine, warming smile. It was perfect.


Fernando: I’m seeing Ariana that it’s already number 1 in like 30 countries.

Grande: Ya! I guess it just went to number 1 in Australia too so I think we’re at 31.

Greg: It’s like election day for a politician for an artist. Like you’re getting stats like “we’re number 1 here, we’re number 1 there…”

Grande: Totally like that except I’m not going to be president.

Greg: Well I know you’re gonna be president of the radio station because I know we’re gonna be banging it a lot.

Grande: Hey!! Thank you!

Fernando: We’ve already played it once this morning and the reaction is through the roof.

Grande: Yay, oh really? That makes me so happy, I’m excited.

Fernando: This is gonna be fantastic. So how do you celebrate when you go #1 in 31 countries?

Grande: Oh my God, I wanna do some more dancing in my kitchen. I did some dancing, so that’s the ticket.

Greg: I was gonna say, on two hours of sleep I don’t know how you can celebrate, but you’re young, you’re still young.

Grande: Well this is everything. There’s no time to sleep at a time like this. I’m just enjoying every second.

Greg: Can you tell Fernando that? There’s no time to sleep when…

Fernando. Ha ha ha.

Grande: Fernando,there’s no time to sleep at a time like this.

Fernando: A nap is really good Ariana, you should think about it. [It makes it so] you can continue on later.

Grande: A nap is sensible but like sleep for hours but like sleep at a time like this—there’s no option.

Greg: I wanted to ask you after “The Way” came out and you debuted your single, a lot of people compared you to Mariah Carey. Was that a lot of pressure or was that just kind of like ‘Yeah bitches that’s who I am.’

Grande: It was a huge compliment! Obviously it’s a huge compliment. Like if I have to be compared to anyone she’s the greatest vocalist. I can’t even believe that people would say that about me.

Fernando: Have you met her yet?

Grande:  No I haven’t!

Greg: You’ve met the president but not Mariah Carey.

Fernando: Real quick, is “Sam & Cat” coming back for another season?

Grande: We don’t know anything about it. You know, I’m grateful for the fans who have supported from the beginning but it’s out of my hands at this point. As soon as I know something I’ll let my fans know.

Greg: Give it to the girl for keepin her clothes on, not showing those pictures anymore.

Grande: What did you say?

Greg: Tell that to the other girl to not be sending those pictures out to those guys anymore.

Grande: It was hot, who cares.

Fernando & Greg: Hahahaha

Grande: When I saw those pictures come out it was on like Perez or something and it was so funny, I could have been so shocked but I was literally like, WOOOORKK, OK.

Greg: Man the generations have changed!

Grande: She had her panties and her underwear on and her bra on, it’s not like it was nude, it was tasteful.

Greg: It was very tasteful.

Fernando: It’s just not a big deal anymore.

Grande: She looked good.

Greg: Since you said that it’s inspired me, I’m gonna get my nudies out there.

Grande: Hey, I mean, come on, if you look like that you gotta make light of it.

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