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Written By Ashley @DopeAssInterns
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(Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/GettyImages)

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If you’ve ever stepped into a restaurant, you know your whole experience can be based off restaurant servers.

They greet you, they take your order, bring you the food… Everything! It’s not as easy as it looks.

I know for me, back in the day I used to work as a froyo girl and my eyes lit up when I saw people drop money in the tip jar near the cash register. What did I do? I simply just smiled and made them feel welcome right when they walked through the door. Not going to lie, there’s not much when you’re working behind the counter as a froyo worker but hey, thanks for all the tips! I’m not complaining!

BUT! For those of you who are a server and struggling to get tips, we got you.

Business Insider posted this image with 13 different tricks for making more money!

increase tips chart Tricks How To Get Higher Tips


Tip Levels and Service: An Update, Extension and Reconciliation

Although some tips are kind of weird (like wearing a flower in your hair or drawing a picture of the sun on the check), these are actually pretty good tips.

If you’re not a server and you just go out to eat a lot, see if you can actually notice any of these actions! Either way, don’t forget to tip. Those restaurant servers work hard for their money!

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