RECAP: Four Questions Sparked by Game of Thrones’ ‘Mockingbird’

By Alyssa Pereira

Changes are afoot in Westeros. Casterly Rock is thoroughly distracted by Tyrion’s trial by combat, and hasn’t taken much notice of events brewing to the south and beyond. Here are what our characters’ plights this week leave us wondering about.


1. Who will survive the Oberyn-Mountain match-up? And was Oberyn in collusion with Littlefinger THIS WHOLE TIME?

Sure the Mountain is formidable—Cersei wouldn’t have beckoned him out if he were not—but Oberyn has something on his side that gives him an edge: fury. Oberyn is dead-set on killing The Mountain, as well as many Lannisters as he can get away with to avenge the death of his sister Elia, niece and nephew. He would not have journeyed into enemy territory were he not confident in his abilities, so this should make for an interesting match-up.

Also, it seems a bit curious that this worked out so well for Oberyn—he’s been given the chance to kill The Mountain without penalty, which was his objective all along. Could this have been all part of the master plan orchestrated by Littlefinger?


2. Does Queen Dany have a new BF?

Power is a hell of an aphrodisiac, at least to Daario. The Queen’s number one fan dropped trou for Khaleesi, after declaring he would pretty much go anywhere in the world to kill anyone she wanted—quite the romancer, am I right? One thing though—why did HBO not show much of this event, but openly play Daenerys and Khal Drogo consummating? To imply that the power dynamic is still in Dany’s favor? Love is weird.


3. Just how pissed is Gregor “The Dog” Clegane gonna be when he finds out Arya’s rich Aunt Lysa is no more?

Whuh-oh. The Dog is delivering Arya to her rich Aunt to collect a nice little pile of gold (or whatever), but Littlefinger just sent her flying. What will happen when the unlikely duo arrive, and Gregor is faced with no one really caring so much that she has been returned? Let’s be honest—grace is not his strongsuit. Someone is gonna die.


4. Why does Melisandre want Shireen on the boat with them?

Shireen is an interesting character. Stannis’ daughter (who, according to the Game of Thrones’ Wikia, is afflicted by Greyscale) has been cast aside by her mother, and is tolerated by her Father. The only person who seems to have a functional relationship with her, curiously, is Davos (she is teaching him how to read). Melisandre says the child must be on the boat with them when they set sail, but why?


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