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Jim And Sarah Harbaugh Talk Pleated Khakis, Football, And More With Fernando & Greg

49er coach Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah joined Fernando and Greg in studio to talk about the ever present question of pleats versus flat front khakis.

The story started back in January, while the 49ers were in the midst of a playoff run, Fernando and Greg put 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh on blast for his terrible pleated khakis. Little did the morning duo know but Harbaugh’s wife Sarah was listening and decided to call the show. She called – not to defend the pants – but to explain that even she had no control over her husband’s poor fashion choices.

With Sarah back in studio, she shared that she did “regret [the call] a little bit.”

“I had to go hide in my pantry with the phone,” Sarah Harbaugh explained. “I was just going to make it short and sweet and just say, ‘Sorry but I am not responsible for [the pants].'”

For his part, Jim was not mad about Sarah’s call and found out about the pant controversy while at a press conference.

“I felt like a horrible wife,” Joked Sarah, “Saying those things about his pants.”

Photos: Jim and Sarah Harbaugh In Studio

Fashion was never the issue for the Coach – it was all about utility.

“I think the pleats are more comfortable,” explained Jim Harbaugh, “More room – more room to operate.”

Sarah fired back, “More room to tuck in your sweatshirt!”

The Harbaugh’s have since become the spokespeople for the latest Dockers campaign “#StopDadPants.” The commercial pokes fun at Jim’s pants and features the Jim, Sarah, and their daughter.

“It was a lot of fun.” Sarah noted, “I was really nervous with the whole commercial thing.”

And the real burning question of will the pleats make a return on the sidelines next season?

“I don’t know.” Stated Coach Harbaugh, “It seems to be the debate. The flat front – I like the pleats. And I am hoping that I can still wear the pleats.”

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