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Make-A-Wish Makes East Bay Teen’s Dream Come True

Written by Alex Harmon

If you are a regular BART rider, let’s take a break from the dirty seats, delayed trains, limited hours of service and expensive fares for a bit.

Make-A-Wish, the people who made Batkid’s dreams come true earlier this year, have done it again!

Austin James of San Pablo, a¬†13-year-old boy with cerebral palsy had his dream come true. It’s actually something many of us Bay Area residents regularly do.

Ride a BART train.

James rode a BART train for the first time. He has had a fascination with trains, after growing up seeing them and hearing the horns.

The teen’s first BART ride was on his own personal train from Richmond station to El Cerrito and back. He even got to hang out with the train operator, use the horn and even make some announcements through the train’s PA system!

After the ride, James went on a tour of one of BART’s maintenance facilities.

It was the first time someone asked Make-A-Wish for a ride on BART.

Check out the rest of this feel good story HERE and the video below.



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