Jay Z & Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour in SF: Concert Review & Set List, Night 1

By Mary Diaz

One of the Summer’s biggest and most talked about concerts, ‘The On The Run Tour’ rolled through the Bay last night! Jay Z & Beyoncé transformed AT&T Park in SF into their massive stage, that was fit enough to hold 2 of the world’s biggest names in music. The concert was SOLD OUT, so everyone in the house came to see what Jay & Bey had to say, which of their many hits they were gonna perform and now with all the recent divorce rumors… how they seemed together on stage! Are they still ‘Crazy In Love’ with each other?

Before I run down the set list and what happened at the show, let me set the vibe for you before the show started. Just driving to AT&T park, you could feel the excitment in the air. Looking at cars on the freeway, my friends and I were in traffic guessing which car loads of people were coming to the concerts. LOL—it was definitely a diverse crowd of all ages—all race and all united to see Hov & Queen Bey! Whether you’re like me and a die-hard Jay Z fan or your all about team Beyoncé, walking in and seeing their huge elaborate stage had my heart racing! I had bought my tickets months ago and with all the news surrounding them of late, I just had to see them 2 interact with my own 2 eyes. Not just through the grainy infamous elevator footage or some old clips from the VMA’s!

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

The stage held three huge video screems. There were two big square shaped ones on the side of the stage, and one big rectangle screen was between them. Being that I’m short and that I was in sitting in row 2 of section 127, I knew that I was going to be depending on those screens most of the night to see! It would be those screens I’d look at to see Jay & Bey close up when they were up seperately doing their hits. Plus even more closely, on the times they shared the stage together to try and see their vibe for myself! Speaking of vibe, you could tell walking in that everyone was ready to get their party on!! It was funny at around 7:45ish, the 2 big side screens turn on and everyone who was taking their time to get to their seats, rushed and left the beer and women’s bathroom lines to get to their seats. Was the show starting EARLY?? Well, those fans thought so…. But it was actually just a video of Beyoncé being sprinkled in gold glitter and showing close ups of her and her body while music played… Then as people were screaming and losing their mind– it ends abruptly showing a bottle of Beyoncé’s latest perfume. It was JUST an ad people!! Too funny, but in the section I was in, people started booing- I don’t think the Bay was feeling that tease- sorry ‘Yonce! They just wanted to show to start already!! So let’s get into how the show went down last night…..

The lights turn off at 8:35pm and I can feel my heart pounding, I’m getting that nervous feeling that I get when I know I’m about to see my man PRINCE!! Too crazy– this is really happening!!! The concert us Team Carter fans have been waiting for is about to begin!! Here’s the set list I came up with. I’m sure I missed a song here or there so feel free to plug in what I missed. I was soooo in the moment! Let’s go….

The large screens go dark and then start playing a black and white video that would set the tone and story line for the rest of the night. So if you’re going tonight, pay close attention to it. You hear the begining chords of the song play and the sold-out crowd is on their feet and the cell phone cameras are out in full force! Then you hear Jay Z say, “Baaaaaay Areaaaaaaa”— It was one of the many moments that gave me goosebumps last night.My man was in the Bay! I was so excited!! Before you know it they are both on stage! Jay wearing all black including a beanie & black blazer. Bey was stunning in a black leotard looking thing that showed off her curves and left nothing to the imagination as the night went on. She embraces her body and that’s why us women love her! Beyoncé is also wearing a fishnet mask. Kinda reminded me if you say Kanye’s concert last year and he had the rhinestone masks covering his face most of the show. I thought to myself… “She better take that off after this song!” It looked hot on her, a diffent than we are “used” to seeing her- so it served it’s purpose of the shock factor. Just as I thought, the mask came off not too soon after. It’s the first time we’d see them share the stage and they’d stand on opposite ends for most of the song. But it was ok, the night was young. When they did meet center stage, the crowd who was already LOUD, got even LOUDER. At the end of the song they stand united and there’s a close up of their faces. Jay’s smiling that classic Hova smile and Beyoncé is looking stoic, or actually a little pissed off as she scans the crowd looking around. Ok ‘Yonce! What’s up with you? LOL- I’m sure it was part of the act… right? They sounded great and looked amazing so it was the perfect start to the night.

Beyoncé’ fish net mask comes off and NOW she’s showing her fun flirty side and we see a smile as she works the stage with the on point dance moves. She doesn’t miss a step!

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

Bey’s back up dancers join her on stage and as quickly as they come, the kill it on stage and they disappear along so now it’s just Jay & Bey doing the song. Bey is dancing around him and showing him and bending over in front of him and looking back at him in that sexy flirty way. Jay was like “ok, I got this!” LOL– Then Bey disappears and I get excited because that means it’s my man’s time to get to his catalog of HITS!! So what’s next??

When Jay Z does the line in the song, “Show me what you got, lil mama… show me what you got pretty lady…. Hands up and waves…waves…waves…” We were all with our hands in the air and waving back and forth! I LOVED IT!! There was also a little part with video images playing while the hook for ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ came out over the speakers while Jay Z left the stage, so I’ll count that as a track we heard last night. 😉

One of my favorite songs from Hov and looking at the crowd on their feet with their diamonds up too, it was a mutual favorite! When the hook came in everyone was singing along with it! Amazing!! Jay looked around at the crowd and said, “Oh, it’s about to be one of THOSE nights in San Francisco! I see, I see.” Then he did his little Jay Z chuckle. LOVED IT!! We ALL were ready for the epic night ahead!!

 (Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup).

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup).

Oooooh damn that is MY SONG!!! We all had our little bounce going and then Jay attacks the song coming in then before the second chorus, he says, “Help me out on this one Bay Area!” Well… I’m not one to let my man down so that’s what I did! LOL- “Coming Up, Coming down, Riding clean fix your head in my crown, Bad B****- H Town…” Then when the hook came in EVERYONE was singing along, “I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford…” MAN I LOVED IT!!!

The backup dancers were on fire with this one! Beyoncé had another costume change this time rocking a denim super short jumpsuit with gold chain and jewelery dripping all over it. She topped it off with a leather pilot looking hat while the dancers wore a black and white prisoner striped leotard. I’m calling it a leotard but I’m not sure what’s it called. Looked like a bathing suit type thing…. yeah I’m not a fashion aficionado… I just know what I like and don’t like! They ALL looked awesome. It was a great anthem to keep the show momentum going!

The merchandise stand had a black tank top with the word “Flawless” in pink. It was a popular item that I saw lots of girls holding or wearing at the show. Soon as you heard the opening of the song, ladies were glued to Bey and sang it like their anthem! I was kinda hoping Nicki Minaj was going to come out from behind the stage to do the remix! LOL- Bey was wearing a Versace style leotard with a beenie that had a gold mohawk on top. It actually looked pretty cool. Even if you’re looking at the screen right now like, WTH?? hahaha~ The video playing on the screens was Beyoncé talking about why do we sexualize women and especially at a young age, teach them about how they HAVE to look a certain way, act a certain way… it was a powerful message that I hope the crowd caught on to. Of course you can’t forget about the favorite part of the song for lots of us ladies that everyone was singing along too, “I woke up like this!!!!”

“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker…. ‘Yonce all on his mouth like liquor!!!” OMG- everyone was so excited to see this side of Bey- Love when she is in her Sasha Fierce, don’t mess with me vibe! She didn’t go into ‘Partition’, she saved that for later in the show. Wait till I tell you about THAT one!! OOOOh weeeee! Bey’s done and lowers to under the stage.

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

Time for my man to grace the stage again. I’ve missed him- if it were up to me…. I would have liked for him to stay on stage the WHOLE time sitting on a gold throne watching his wife KILL IT on stage and then they can switch off. Can we make that happen please? LOL– I feel like I say this with every one of his songs… BUT… This was my SOOONG!!! Hov comes out on stage with a #99 jersey with the word “PROBLEMS” on the back. I loved it when he switched up the lyrics and said, “…went solo on that ass, but it’s all the same. FRISCO be the place where I serve them thangs….” Heeeey– love when he’d shout out the Bay. I was hoping for a UNION CITY shout out, but I’ll take SF, it’s all good.

The big screens are doing some cool light show type of thing with boxes on the screens- it looked so cool but didn’t take away from Hov and everyone vibing on this classic. Go ahead and do it, “You gotta get that, dirt off your shoulder….” go head and dust your shoulders to this one. I DID!!

It’s Bey’s time up now. The big screen shows Jay and her in a diner and then they leave fast after someone is in there reading a newspaper where their wanted pictures are on the front page. They somehow end up in a desert phone booth. Very hot scene with Bey & Jay making out in the phone booth. I came to the realization that this IS NOT something we are used to seeing. Everyone else at the sold out show was thinking the same thing and went nuts watching the makeout session! Then Bey comes out in another one of those tight leotard things but this time the booty party is missing. I mean her booty is there… but not the material covering it! It’s all hanging out. The crowd was the loudest yet for that part of her set so far! She was working it up there and then her dancers joined her dressed the same. There was just booties everywhere! The crowd LOVED it.

Hova hovers up from under the stage and says, “Bay Area!!! What we doing!” Then the opening music from Big Pimpin comes on. We all start bouncing and getting our swag on to this one. “Let’s ri-i-i-i-i-ide, check him out now..” You know you’re singing it too now! The video playing now is that of an old school 1920’s style party where they are living it up. You see cameos of Jake Gyllenhall, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Kanye and Diddy to name a few. Very cool- Then Jay says, “What ya’ll know about that Brooklyn boy!!” I threw my hands up with a big ol’ whooooooooo! LOL- then the sirens sound and you know what that means….

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

The stage is glowing in red with Bey banging her head wearing red rhinestones and attacking the lyrics on that one!

OMG!! This was my anthem not too long ago. No Kanye or Big Sean joining him on this one, but I still LOVED IT!! Jay said, “If you came with your real friends and not some fake f****** friends tonight then make some noise!!” I knew that had to lead in to one song only. I was with 7 of my friends so where were all loving it!

“Diva is a female version of hustla, of a, of a hustla!” That one was for all the ladies in the crowd- we gotta stick together! Beyoncé was getting her rap on! 😉

All of a sudden it’s time to do the song I didn’t think she would! She busted out this classic of hers with Sean Paul. It was good to hear him through the speaker, he wasn’t there but I’m sure he could’ve joined her on stage if she asked! Let me stop there! LOL- Great island vibe for a verse or two- it was awesome!

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

This one had the whole sold out crowd throwing there hands up to the beat and showing the love of the Roc! Diamonds everywhere! Fire even shot out from the front of the stage and the back of the floor seats section. If you’re going tonight- get ready for that!

Beyoncé handled Justin’s verse and was amazing during this one! I loved it- definitly another one to add to the highlight list! I just liked to see them perform together!

I think it’s called GHOST??– It was an eerie dance number that slowed the tempo down a bit but spotlighted the amazing dancers on the tour!

Here we go people!!!!! More Hova- YAAAY!! Jay takes time to talk to the crowd and says, “Make sure ya’ll keep dreaming. Keep those dreams realistic, set those goals, chase the dream. Keep dreaming…” Powerful thanks Hova.

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

Time to get sexy now! Everyone with their ‘Surfboard’ shirts on where loving this one! They were riding it with Bey on stage! LOL- it was a hot and sexy performance where we got to see her and Jay be flirty- Soon as you heard her sing, “I’ve been drankin… I’ve been drankin… ” the crowd was going nuts!! It was cool when in Jay Z’s verse he said, “Hold up, that Du’sse’ is the s*** if I do say so myself, if I do say so myself….” because there was a Du’sse’ booth in the right side of the floor seats section! Crazy! LOL- The power couple seemed to be in tuned with each other on this track. Beyoncé seemed to be a little more playful. I loved when she smiled and had fun. It gave us outsides a glimpse on maybe the breakup rumors are just false.

Didn’t think he’d do it on this tour but I LOVED IT!! “Only God can judge me, so I’m gone. Either love me or leave me alone!” He said that last line with such energy! I love ya Hov!!

Beyoncé’s turn to get some SANGING in on this one!! You could’nt help but think why is she putting so much emphasis on EVERY WORD on this one?? Hmmm…. Ok, I might be reading too much on it. But she had this pissed off look on her face at the end, very serious look. Then she ended the song and stopped, looked around at the sold out crowd, with their cell phones up and people showing her sooo much love as to say, “We with you Bey- just fill us in though!”— Then as she takes a moment to take us all in… she breaks into a smile and THERE’S THE BEYONCE WE KNOW AND LOVE!!

Jay says too the crowd, “We love you too Bay Area, you always f*** with us, we’ll f*** with you too. Sexy ladies make some noise!!!!” Then he went into the song!

Excited to hear this one!! This is the track where he says, “Girl why you never ready, for as long as you took you should look like Halle Berry!” Whaaaat!!! LOL- Hov says to the crowd, “We got a million of these… I like how you’re vibing with us.”

It’s time for things to get S-T-E-A-M-Y!!! Bey was working this one like no ones business, complete with stripper pole. Then she had some fun on this lil couch/ chair thing showing off her body and moves.

I totally forgot about this song so I’m glad that she did it live.

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

Whaaaaat!!! Of course everyone whas singing along to this one!! “If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems but a B**** ain’t one!!!” He was so animated and really going off on this one! Wasn’t sure if it was cuz so was the crowd or if he’s tired of all the rumors that kicked up after this weekend. Soooo… anything you wanna bring up Jay? Ok, I’ll leave it alone!

Bey definitely slowed down the version that we know and love of this track, but it still sounded great!

EX- FACTOR (Lauryn Hill cover)
YES SHE WENT THERE!! Everyone around me was like “Whaaaat she’s going Lauryn! Sing it girl!!” She sounded amazing and her vocals just were shining on this one! Still putting you in the WTH is going on with them kinda moment. She sang it with some pain! The screens come on showing Bey in a wedding dress and riding on a black horse into the desert.

During this song you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was GLUED to her words. Glued to her emotions she poured out on this song. She got so into it. She actually teared up. Some of the words to the song that people caught on to since she changed it up to “The best part of me I gave you, it was sacrificed because you lied… Been riding with you for 12 years (same as bey and jay’s relationship), why did I deserve to be treated this way by you…. I’ve been crying too long…” Then she got emotional. You couldn’t help but feel for her. Everyone there had been hearing the break up or cheating rumor for months now so was she acting, or is this her truth. We might never know. She was singing her heart out as she sat on a stool in a white wedding pant suit and veil. She ends it was saying on a video screen, “Forgiveness is the greatest act of love.” WOW!!

Time to lighten up the mood. Bey was looking like she was having fun again finally. She had all the moves down of course like from the video. This is a special song for her to do since this is what she performed at the VMA’s when she announced she was pregnant a few years old. This was one of my favorites she did last night. She looked so happy and carefree. They even blended in some more old school with it. Jay came out and said, “Keep your 2’s in the air for Michael Jackson ya’ll. You still with me Bay Area… Let’s go!!!’

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

(Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment/PictureGroup)

“H to the Izzo, V to the izz-A…That’s the anthme get your damn hands up!” Brought the vibe back to partying! Loved it!!

Happy he showed the Bay some love on this one. He should’ve brought Too $hort out though come on Jay! The Bay was reppin HARD for this one!! “What’s my favorite word….” You can fill in the rest! LOL-

Hit after hit just didn’t stop! The most action packed part of the show cuz he was trying to run through all the hits as much as he could. I just wanted him out on stage all night!

Beyoncé came back out, this time with some energy and ready to give her 110% to the classic ladies anthem! And that she did! She didn’t disappoint, she was smiling and vibing with her dancers and laughing as she did the dance.

Jay says, “Are you having a good time tonight?” I scream out, “Whoooooooooooo” Yes, that was my answer, he understood me I think! LOL– soon as you heard the begining of this track come on, everyone went crazy. The guy in front of me was like, “That’s my song!!!” I was right with him on that one! We were all waving our hands back and forth. Such a great moment!

This was a song that had many powerful images on the big screen as we got ready for Bey’s vocal and even as she sang.

I LOVE THIS ONE and is on REPEAT for me! I sang along with them on this one. My favorite verse is Bey’s when she sings, “I don’t care if we on the run. Baby as long as I’m next to you and if loving you is a crime, tell me why do I bring out The best in you.” That is my SONG!!!! Loved seeing them do this one together and look at each other in the eyes. Only they know their story and what’s going on. We can all just guess from the outside. I just hope all is good in the CARTER house! Bey looked beautiful in a black and white american flag looking big skirt that was flowing in the wind and actually had someone who came behind her to carry the long train and Jay Z lead her to their smaller part of the stage as they walked hand in hand. Jay looked like he was really making sure she was ok, guiding her to the stage and “awwww how cute moment.” Bey was more like, “yeah, get me to the stage already fool!” LOL— well something like that! LOL

For the first time we are watching actual personal videos of the power couple. Some footage I’ve never seen before. We get a glimpse of how much they love each other and how long they’ve been together! It also shows parts of their wedding ceremony, pics of a prego Bey and video of when Blue Ivy was born. Made me really HOPE that the breakup rumors are just people talking out of their ass and NOT TRUE! Seeing videos of Blue Ivy, she’s just too damn cute. She is a spitting image of them both! Crazy!! We see her celebrating her milestones walking, first birthday and all the love her parents give her. There’s even a quick glimpse at Grandma Tina feeding her. I wanted the videos to go on forever! Jay and Bey stood there next to each other watching the vides with Jay’s arm around Bey– They were smiling big time when it was anything with Blue Ivy. Beyoncé was singing through parts of it and seemed focused on that during the sentiment moment at some spots. That was just my 2 cents of course! At the end, Jay looks at Bey and she holds her hand out- I thought to myself, “Is she gonna give him a hand shake?” But Jay pulled her in for a quick kiss. They looked at each other and smiled.

Then Beyoncé says, “Thank you. Give it up to Mr. Carter! And points over to Jay Z. Then he returns the favor and says, “Bay Area, give it up for Mrs. Carter.” EVERYONE is on their feet the WHOLE SHOW but still manages to give them so much LOVE. It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Jay Z fan and that’s who I went to see… but I actually left there with an all new respect and love for Beyoncé now too. I’ve always thought she was cool, I love her songs, but I have a better appreciation for her. Now about their relationship, who am I to say they are on the rocks or that they are happy— that’s their business. Do I think I know like everyone else? Sure, I play armchair pshycologist like the rest of the world- but I just hope they are in a good place and continue to make good music which is together or solo! I’m riding with you BOTH– I LOVE ME SOME JAY Z though, but I also now have LOVE for QUEEN BEY too!!

So that was my wrap up of last night’s ON THE RUN TOUR at AT&T park. I left there wanting more! You know that post-concert depression that sets in…. yeah I’m going through that today. I keep reliving moments from the show!

Make sure if you are going tonight or any other showing, don’t forget to pay attention to the videos on the screen. They are telling you a story that goes along with the theme of the tour and helps you understand their vision. The show is very well put together. There is NO OPENING ACT so don’t take your time getting there. The ticket says show starts at 8pm, it started at 8:35 and ended at 11pm. Traffic is going to be a mess so just expect it and don’t stress about it. I drove in and had no problems at all since I took the back street. I parked in lot D directly across the street for $35, so be prepared to pay a lot.

Were you there last night? What did you think? What was your favorite moment? I want to hear from you!! Let me know! I love to hear from people because we all see things differently.

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