20 Ice Bucket Challenge Fails!

written by Diego

Chances are that, by now, you have either seen or at least heard of, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” internet trend.

It’s totally awesome people are raising awareness, but not everything comes out the way you’d hope!



Sometimes, too much protection could hurt more than you think! lol

Word of advice: Decks are dangerous! So don’t stand under them!

Disclaimer: If your bathtub floor is still wet, DO NOT try the Challenge by yourself!

Oh, and if you decide to do the challenge… at least do it right!!

CAUTION! Your friends could be plotting against you!!

See!! I’m telling you! Bathtubs are dangerous! #lifealert lol

Next time, make sure you get PLASTIC buckets… cause steel on face hurts!!!

Another disclaimer… Costumes, Alcohol, and Ceramics DONT MIX well for this Challenge!

By the way; Kids, don’t take more than you can handle! It WILL hurt! lol

FYI.. make sure you tie up your dog before you scare him half to death with freezing water!

Make sure you get a legit bucket though! Some are sketch and will do your friend, or even YOU dirty! lol

If you’re going to have the water dumped on you from the roof… make sure your roof can handle it first!!

By the way, not sure if anyone knew this.. but aiming is apparently KEY with this Challenge

OK SERIOUSLY! What is it with people who can’t seem to keep their balance! lol

Ouch! Should I feel bad for laughing at this one?

Didn’t I just say to make sure you dont do more than you can handle?! lol

AANNDD More proof that decks are DANGEROUS! lol

Especially if the deck is over a large body of water! lol

Oh, and if you get your cute little ones involved.. make sure they go potty first!


Although I applaud it’s core purpose, I PERSONALLY have strong feelings AGAINST perpetuating the trend. What started out as a great way to increase awareness of (and funding against) the scary, debilitating and incurable disease of ALS, has rapidly diluted into another “hey look at me” internet trend.

Adding insult to injury, California is in the middle of the worst drought of our history, and I can’t in good conscience, encourage our Bay Area listeners to dump ice water down the drain. Not at a time when most cities have imposed water restrictions and levied large fines on their residents.

I  implore anyone who DOES wish to donate, to PLEASE DO SO at the ALS ASSOCIATION here.


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