Creepy Clown Appears On California Streets

Written by: Jasmine Kan Hai

If you’re like me and have a fear of clowns then it might be best to stay in doors at night; at least if you live in Wasco, California.

A creepy clown has started appearing and roaming the streets of the town at night and it’s quite a mystery why he’s doing it.

There has been no criminal activity or violence committed by the clown but that doesn’t make it any less strange that he’s out and about in the first place.

Obviously I know he’s just a person dressed up in costume, possibly just trying to get people in the Halloween spirit but according to social media there have been clowns spotted in other nearby towns.

So could there possibly be copycats with other intentions?

Let’s hope not; and for the sake of all of us living in the Bay Area, let’s also hope those creepy clowns stay in SoCal.

Apparently the whole thing started as a photo project by a man(the clown) and his wife and all photos taken by the couple of the original Wasco Clown are posted on the official Facebook fan page.


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