Aragon High School #TakeOver997

Written by: Bryan Melara - @beeroxx90

The “pride of San Mateo” came to #TakeOver997 on Nov. 7, 2014 and played their favorite songs, gave out #TripleHoShow tickets, talked about their undefeated football team and even had some #CREAM with Strawberry. Check out what they had to say about their time at the studio:

“Our experience being able to takeover 99.7 was really amazing.  

We we’re all so nervous at first and thinking about how we would mess up while on the air.  But when we got there and settled in,  it was such a  blast.

All our nervous energy left and was replaced by excitement and anticipation.  

This is something that will stick with us forever and we can reflect on how fun and exciting it was.  

Thank you again for letting us have this amazing experience!”

Thanks, Dons! We had a great time hosting y’all!

Peep their show here:

Tweet @997now with #TakeOver997 to have your school takeover the 99.7 NOW! studio!

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