Hayward High School #TakeOver997

Written by: Bryan Melara - @beeroxx90

The Hayward High School Farmers came by the studio and took the mic from Strawberry. They played their songs and controlled the contests, and did a great job! Check out what they had to say:

Hi Strawberry,

Thanks again for giving our school the opportunity to take part in your high school takeover event.
Myself and the other students participating had a great time; we anticipated it for weeks before you even came to our school!  Our entire school loved having a fun lunch time event with great music and prizes. Later that night at the studio was even more amazing.  
It was so cool and interesting to see what a radio station looks like and what goes on behind the scenes.  
We loved taking pictures with the you and your staff as well as dancing and bouncing along to Trampoline 🙂
Oh yeah, plus choosing the songs for the nights was pretty cool!  And how many students can say they’ve been on the radio?  
We all loved being able to represent our school and get the once in a lifetime chance to host a popular music station for a night.  
We still talk about how much fun that day was and can’t wait to coordinate it again and again for years to come.
P.S. CREAM was the bomb! Thanks!
You’re the real MVP Strawberry,
Miss Fax, The Purple Bandit, Princess Nae, Trizzle, Ya Boy Mo, Between Lilo, and Lil B

Thanks, Farmers! You guys made this your farm and did a great job at it!

Listen to their audio here:

Tweet @997now with #TakeOver997 to have your school takeover the 99.7 NOW! studio!

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