Mills High School #TakeOver997

Written by: Bryan Melara - @beeroxx90


The first #TakeOver997 of the year was brought in with a bang as Mills High School from Millbrae came in here and rocked the mic like some well-seasoned vets. They came in on January 16, 2015. Check out one of the students do a live in studio cover of Hoodie Allen’s “All About It”, and what they had to say about their experience:

“Dear DJ Strawberry, 
I would like to thank everyone who was in assistance and hosting the high school takeover. It is absolutely a phenomenal opportunity and an event that most students should be a part of.
From the minute I walked into the building, everyone was kind and energetic. I felt comfortable, confident, and accepted throughout the whole event.
Usually I would feel nervous to speak or embarrass myself in any way but I felt in a safe environment and felt supportive completely.
Being in such an exciting atmosphere with outgoing people really makes a difference. I feel as if this event should be for people who best fit, and represent the school with a lot of spirit because if a shy person who doesn’t enjoy being in small areas or being heard, should not go.
Overall, it was just an exciting experience and I hope more of these events take place and I would highly recommend everyone to do it.” 
Thanks, guys! You guys brought a lot to the table and we appreciate the energy!

Check out their show here:

Tweet @997now with #TakeOver997 to have your school takeover the 99.7 NOW! studio!
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