American Idol Finalist Calls Contest “Whack” On Live TV, Squares Off With Judges And Seacrest

Written by intern: Lanica G.

There was some LIVE drama on American Idol tonight. There was A LOT of tension between Harry Connick Jr. and Quentin Alexander after Quentin Alexander made the comment, “This is whack.”

Harry Connick Jr. understood it in a different way and even saw it as an insult to the show saying, “You can always go home (…) to say that to the hand that is feeding you right now is highly disrespectful.”

Quentin Alexander then made his way back towards the judge’s table with a stern face to explain what he actually meant. It looked like something was about to go down, especially with JLO crying, “Oh God, oh God!”

Ryan Seacrest tried his best to simmer down the situation so it would not escalate, and it didn’t… But it was CLOSE to getting there.

Seacrest even tweeted about the unexpected live hostile situation and RT’ed a fan’s opinion about how he handled it.

Watch the video for yourself!

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