6 Things We Learned About KimYe At Kim Kardashian-West’s Public Interview In San Francisco

By now, Kim Kardashian-West is used to fending off paparazzi and the media, so it’s a rare occasion that she openly invites questions from the public — especially when they ask her to reveal personal details about her life.

In Tuesday night’s discussion with Inforum, a talk put on by the Commonwealth Club’s Innovation Lab in San Francisco, Kardashian-West spoke with Judge LaDoris Cordell, who asked her some intimate questions about her life, her place in the media landscape, and her relationships.

Kim got a bit animated about her marriage to Kanye, revealing some details about their private time away from cameras and their relationship dynamic. Here are some of our favorite tidbits.

1. Kim’s book of selfies, “Selfish”, was actually Kanye’s idea. As a matter of fact, he connected Kim with the eventual publisher.

2. Kim considers Kanye “the creative” in their relationship, but adds, “I know how to execute.”

3. Though Kanye is “known as the College Dropout” Kim says in regards to Yeezy’s 2004 breakout album, Kim insists that they will encourage North to go to college “if she really really wants to go.”

4. If Kim could interview anyone, living or dead, she’d like to talk to Donda West, Kanye’s late mother. “I’d like to get to know her,” she told the interviewer.

5. She gives Kanye fashion advice.

6. Of the many reasons Kim loves Kanye, several in particular stand out. First, she admires that he always speaks his mind, even to the point of making people uncomfortable. Secondly, she loves how strong-willed and self-assured he is. “I think I’ve gotten a lot of confidence from him,” Kim says. “I used to care so much about what people said about me.”


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