Azealia Banks Thinks Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga Are Ripping Her Off

By Staff

Azealia Banks took to social media last night to put some pop stars on notice.

In a series of “fun fact” posts she accused¬†Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga of ripping off her work.

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In a post on her official Facebook page Banks writes: “FUN FACT: “SLAY-Z” is a nickname given to Azealia Banks by one of her fans in 2014. a play on the Z in Banks’ name, and her propensity to release consistently awesome music, the nickname was lifted from her twitter account and featured as one of the characters in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video. Azealia Banks reclaimed the nickname upon the arrival of of her self-released 2016 mixtape titled ‘SLAY-Z’.”

In a separate post she calls out Lady Gaga.

“FUN FACT: Azealia Banks created her own genre of music called ‘Witch-Hop.’ Coined by the success of 2012’s Fantasea Mixtape, Azealia considers her music to be inspired by the invisible world. 3 days after ‘Witch-Hop’ was declared by Azealia Banks to be a legitimate genre, Lady Gaga (also a fan of Azealia Banks) suspiciously titled her then upcoming studio album, ‘Artpop.'”

No response yet from either Swift or Gaga.

Check out both posts below.


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