Kevin Bacon Raids Britney Spears’ Wardrobe for Apple Ad

Adjust your Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon maps accordingly.

By Hayden Wright

A European ad for Apple Music casts Britney Spears and Kevin Bacon as friends. If that’s not an entertaining enough concept, stop reading. Kevin, you see, is strolling down the street listening to music when he decides he’s “in a Britney mood.” The pop star’s “Oops…I Did It Again” plays and suddenly Bacon is wearing a red latex catsuit, just like the one in her video.

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Then, as it happens, Bacon runs into his friend Britney Spears, carrying her own dry cleaning. She’s real, y’all!

“Kevin, what have I told you about going through my wardrobe?” she demands.

“Oops…” the Footloose star demurs, “I did it again.”

Then she calls the song “so 2000” and instructs him to play her new album Glory instead.

This funny little advertisement means that every actor and actress who appeared in the arthouse classic Crossroads is one degree closer to Kevin Bacon. That’s you, Kim Cattrall, Zoe Saldana, and Taryn Manning—move every cast member of Orange is the New Black one degree closer.


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