Concert Review: Troye Sivan Kicks Off “Suburbia Tour” at Bill Graham in San Francisco!

By Christian Saad

Last night Troye Sivan chose San Francisco to be the lucky city in which the very first Suburbia Tour show commenced. Fans were lined up outside Bill Graham Civic Auditorium even before the sun came up on what turned out to be a very rainy Sunday for San Francisco. Tickets for this show had gone on sale earlier this year so all of Sivan’s Bay Area fans had been patiently waiting for this day to arrive for a long time.

Once doors opened, everyone rushed in to make sure they either got as close to the stage as possible or to the merchandise booth before anything that they wanted was sold out. While the crowd was patiently waiting for their beloved headliner, female powerhouses Astrid S and Frankie brought their own style and flare to the stage and served as a great appetizer for what Troye had in store for us. The fans in the very front were so excited that security had to advise attendees to move back to ensure everyone’s safety.

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troyesivan 3921 Concert Review: Troye Sivan Kicks Off Suburbia Tour at Bill Graham in San Francisco!

Just one year ago almost to the exact day (October 18, 2015) Troye Sivan performed his first show in San Francisco at Great American Music Hall for just about 600 people. To put that in perspective, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium holds about 7,000! Another special aspect to this tour that a lot of Troye’s fans might not know is that a portion of all ticket sales will go to The Ally Coalition, supporting LGBTQ causes and the fight against discrimination through education, awareness and advocacy.

Right at 9PM the lights went dark and the music for “Wild” started as Sivan slowly emerged onto the stage. The entire venue was engulfed in screams and no one was able to contain their excitement for the 21-year old Australian singer/songwriter. Within just the first few lines all the fans around me were singing every single word and it was clear that his fan-base is extremely dedicated and they wouldn’t have missed this show for the world.

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troyesivan 631 Concert Review: Troye Sivan Kicks Off Suburbia Tour at Bill Graham in San Francisco!

Troye took the time to formally welcome everyone to the Suburbia Tour and he mentioned that he’s obsessed with San Francisco and couldn’t think of a better place to kick-off the tour. He also informed us that this is the biggest show of the whole tour (as Oakland was during his former Blue Neighbourhood Tour) and he almost couldn’t believe it. He thanked everyone for the support and told us that the Suburbia Tour almost felt like a victory lap across the US for him, headlining venues as big as this one. After Troye introduced his back-up singers and band it was time for more music!

Sunday night was special for multiple reasons, and Troye had some great surprises in his set list. Not only did he perform his Blue Neighbourhood track “The Quiet” live for the first time anywhere but we also got the album version of “Happy Little Pill” live, which was mind-blowing especially with the lights and special effects happening behind Troye as he showed us his groovy dance moves. Any Troye super-fan knows that he’s only performed the acoustic version before so this truly was a moment to remember.

Another standout moment was when everyone turned on their phone’s flashlight to light up the arena for “Talk Me Down” which is an emotional power-ballad from Blue Neighbourhood. The crowd even finished the song and was singing along so loudly that it literally brought me to tears. It’s great to see Troye receive more notoriety now; just one year ago I sat down to talk to him during his first ever tour which you can watch below.

Before the night came to a close Troye took the time to thank his fans in San Francisco and said he was very excited to take this tour on the road because once the tour wraps up he plans on jumping back in the studio to record album #2! Yes, that’s right… new music from Troye is on the way! Though it might be a while, the news of him wanting to jump back into the studio is very exciting and I can’t wait to hear how he has grown and developed as an artist. I hope it’s not too long before Troye returns to the Bay Area. In the future, if you have the chance to see Troye live, I highly suggest you take the time out to check him out!

Too Good
for him.
Happy Little Pill (Album Version)
The Quiet
Talk Me Down
Lost Boy

Christian Saad is a writer, producer, and pop culture blogger for 99.7 [NOW!] in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @ChristianSaad.



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